Norwegian Forest Cats, the Pets of the Vikings

Pets can be great blessing for many people and there is nothing like a furry Norwegian forest cat known as scogkatts. This cat will be the perfect cuddling companion for the upcoming winter that will amaze you with it beauty and mild character.

The Norwegian forest cats are more recognized under the name of “wegies”, and are very popular in Norway,Sweden, Iceland, and France.

How does the wegies look like?

The Norwegian Forest cat is very similar to the Maine Coon which means that they are most likely distant relatives. They are really big which makes them unique but their size does not make them noisy, in fact they are quiet and very calm. Their body is with strong muscles covered with dense fur that keeps them warm and dry in the harsh cold weather.

This pet is like coming from a fairytale with its long-hair, and 75% of its body is with fur which makes them extremely fluffy. It has been first brought by the Vikings who kept it for thousands of years. The Viking ancestors knew very well the value of having a pet like the scogkatts and lived with them side by side on their farms and ships. These cats were also in the homes of early Scandinavians 4,000 years ago.

The Norwegian forest cat is mentioned in many folk legends in the Nordic countries. They were brought by the Vikings to Norway from the British archipelago during the early Middle Ages, and since then they are kept in these parts. These cats in time got accustomed to the Scandinavian cold climate and became the favorite four-legged pet. They kept the houses and ships from mice and prevented the spread of diseases which at that time was very important.

Here is how the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA) describes the Norwegian Forest Cat, quote:

If ever there was a cat built to match its environment, it is the Norwegian Forest Cat. It has developed over many years of natural selection into a breed able to survive the long harsh winters of Norway.

The presence of pet in your life will bring many benefits. It will for sure boost the mental and physical wellbeing, and it is a known fact that every person that owns a pet has less stressful life and does not feelalone.

In the case of wegies they are considered the perfect pet as they are affectionate, friendly, outgoing, and independentand very quickly become loving family members. These cats are very talkative meaning they meow most of the time as if they are having a real conversation. They are with calm nature and easily become friends with any human or for that matter with other pets as well.

They like to explore and climb different terrains and are easily adaptable and can be your most adorable pet. Their fur is amazing and you can cuddle with them as much as you want.

They adapt incredibly well to the outside, but inside, these cats are real cuddle bugs.