Do Not Ignore These 9 Symptoms of Stress

Stress can cause many ailments and medical conditions, and we are constantly warned about this, but somehow we all ignore it. It shouldn’t be neglected as in that way we cannot protect our health from the occurrence of numerous health conditions. Experts recommend trying to calm down and to manage to lower stress in order to avoid causing many illnesses.

However, sometimes stress cannot be noticed as a result of the unclear symptoms of stress, and that can cause great damage to your health.

Here below are the common symptoms of being overstressed.

  1. Anxious and restless

When you are constantly feeling anxious, uncomfortable, and not being able to sit still, then these symptoms suggest that you are overstressed. You need to act immediately and do something about this condition as if you do not act on time the situation will become worse.

  1. Mood changes

Stress affects the levels of your hormones and because of that your mood changes drastically. It can result in further conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, addictions and many mental-health problems. Therefore, ask for an advice from some professional and protect your overall health.

  1. Lack of patience

Due to being stressed you may easily lose patience for everything and everyone around you which will result in irritation, intolerance, anger and impatience toward everything. You need to deal with your stress level quickly in order to avoid further complications.

  1. Hair loss

According to Carolyn Jacob, a medical director and founder of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology, around 100 hairs are lost every day and most of us are not even aware of this. Stress can cause increased hair loss and a lot of hair is in resting phase as stress triggers an alteration in the normal body’s physiologic functions.

If the body is overstressed after three or four months, the amount of lost hair becomes higher because the hair in the resting phase falls down. Therefore, if you are experiencing any hair loss, you need to check the amount of stress in the body if you want to know the reason for this problem.

  1. Weight fluctuations

As a result of stress the body can experience weight variations. Meaning that you can lose weight as the appetite is being lost or you can gain weight as a result of reduced metabolism. If this is happening to you, check the stress levels in the body and try to lower them immediately.

  1. Sleeping problems

Too much stress can case sleeping issues, so if your sleeping routine has changed like not being able to get enough sleep or you sleep enough but still feel exhausted, you need to face the problem that causes stress and solve it.

The body is always trying to manage stress by its own way, but it is up to you to determine the source for the problems that cannot make you fall asleep at night.

When you are overstressed, the first thing that is affected is the sleeping routine. In order to cope with stress and improve your sleeping you can try yoga, meditation, healthy diet or exercise.

  1. Weakened libido

Stress reduces the number of hormones for sexual activity and because of that you experience weakened libido. Unfortunately, stress can lead to impotence and exhaustion.

You can maintain your love life if you practice some technique to relax your body or you can simply have a conversation with your partner regarding this problem.

  1. Body pain

The occurrence of pain in the body is the first clear symptom of some serious health issue, and because of that you need quickly to determine the source of the pain. One of the reasons can be stress which can lead to chest pain, tense muscles, palpitation, diarrhea, ulcers, and stomach problems.

Furthermore, stress can worsen your headaches, cause severe arthritis and cause pain in the whole body. Therefore, help your body to deal with the problems by lowering the level of stress and in that way improve your health.

  1. Thinking all the time about work

When you are being overstressed, you are constantly thinking about work, finances and obligations. This cannot be a good thing as it can lead to physical and psychological issues. You have to try to step away from the problems and try to relax. Gradually you will find a solution for all your problems.

When you have your free time, do not think about work, relax and spend some quality time with your loved ones.