Not Many People Know This: You Should Never Consume Tomatoes and Cucumbers in a Same Salad!

People prepare their salads according to the taste of different ingredients. Despite the taste you need to take into consideration numerous other things when you prepare your salad. Some ingredients actually don’t fit together in a salad, and such example is cucumber and tomatoes. These vegetables actually require different time for digestion, and according to Ayurveda we have to be familiar with the precise time for digestion of every food we consume. Also we need to make sure that we don’t mix different ingredients.

Different ingredients require slow digestion, as well as others are digested rapidly. Due to these reasons you shouldn’t mix lighter ingredients that are passing through the intestines fast with ingredients that require more time. If you do so it could lead to fermentation of the food which is present in your stomach and could poison your body.

Also another problem that you are going to experience is reduced digestion of food and fermentation of starches and sugars. On the other hand fermentation process could also cause swelling, gasses, and pain in the stomach.

Tomatoes and cucumbers shouldn’t be mixed because once you consume them together the process of fermentation begins and the acids that are released could trigger digestive issues. Here is a list of some other foods that you shouldn’t combine:

  1. You should never consume fruit after your meals because of the difference in time for digestions. Fruits require much more time to be absorbed and they shouldn’t stay for long period in the stomach. If you consume fruit after your meal it could result with acid reflux and other digestion problems.
  1. Mac and cheese is quite often consumed all across the US. In fact this meal shouldn’t be consumed that often because it contains starch which requires different time for digestion compared to protein. Due to this the process of fermentation in the stomach could cause digestive problems.
  2. You should never mix scrambled eggs with cheese and meat because it contains too much protein in one meal. It is best for you to choose only one protein in order to avoid digestion problems.
  1. Try not to mix noodles or bread with orange juice because it contains acid content that might damage the enzyme responsible for digestion of starch.
  1. Cheese and vegetables is another combination that you shouldn’t consume because it could lead to bloating
  1. Avoid mixing watermelon and melon because it is best to consume them separately due to the different time required for absorption.
  1. Milk and bananas is a combination that will decelerate your digestion so try to avoid it.