Notice to Smokers !! Here’s How to Completely Clean Your Lungs in Just 72 hours !!!

Smoking has become the scourge of our time. To stop smoking is proving to be very difficult, especially when there is a lack of will. It is important to know that you can minimize the risk of cancer by cleansing your lungs.

Really, there is a food treatment that cleans the lungs, which can reduce the possibilities of being a victim of an infection or cancer.

Whether you are a smoker or not it is important to take care of your lungs and therefore purify the toxic substances that we can aspire whether from cigarette smoke, pollution, or the lack of physical activity that makes the body store toxins.

Check out this famous cure that will clean your lungs in just 72 hours.

Day 1

Drink herbal tea before bed so that it can clean your intestines.

Day 2

Consume the juice of 2 lemons in the morning on an empty stomach to start the lung cleaning process and strengthen the respiratory system.

Day 3

Consume cranberry juice at night before going to sleep; this will significantly clean the lungs and remove any bacteria.

You must therefore undertake a 72 hour treatment to purify and detoxify your lungs.