Nurses Show How to Drain Mucus from the Lungs (Video)

The coronavirus pandemic is still the main centre of attention in the whole world. Governments do their best to protect the population and medical staff is diligently and courageously fighting for every human life.

All of us stay at home trying all that we can to preserve our health including checking the net what we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

COVID-19 is very harmful for the respiratory system especially for the lungs causing mucus buildup. As a result of that, the medical team at Huntington Hospital recommends the use of a simple procedure to remove mucus buildup in the lungs. They use this method for their critically ill patients by turning them on their stomachs so that the mucus gets easily released thanks to the gravity.

The medical director of this facility, Michael Grosso, explains:

“We think this is helpful because, in other similar lung conditions, we have found it to work in the past. Keeping patients prone opens both the airways and gets more oxygen into air sacs and improves circulation to the lungs.”

But, he emphasizes the following:

“Don’t forget that these are patients who are usually already receiving mechanical ventilation, with a breathing tube in their windpipe, and tubes that are placed into their blood vessels, and when you are turning a patient, under those circumstances, it requires several people.”

This method was presented by a video posted online, showing two nurses implementing it on a patient in order to help him to eliminate the build-up mucus in its lungs. They pat the back of a patient infected with the virus and thus drain mucus from the lungs.

The “Chest Physiotherapy” (CPT)

This method is referred as to the “CPT” method which can be helpful for the patients with this virus, or for people who suffer from a similar respiratory issue. This helps them to keep the airways open properly thereby eliminating the build-up mucus.

It drains the lungs and mobilizes the airflow by expanding the lungs, meanwhile strengthening the breathing muscles, which in turn loosen and boost the drainage of thick lung secretions. Thanks to the gravity the fluid release gets stimulated and with the application of percussion, a caretaker clapping the person around the lung area, the mucus is being released.

The nurse in the video recommends high intake of hot water and tea as that will help in fast fluid release form the lungs. This method should be applied by parents a few times a day even when their children are well.

Any method that can help us during this pandemic is highly welcomed, moreover when it has been proven to be very effective. This is potentially life-saving information, therefore make certain to watch the video and learn the technique.