The Oncologist Miguel Martin Stated That This Juice Kills Cancer Cells, Cure Gastritis, Diabetes, Liver and Heart, Learn How to Do It!!

Today if you are maintaining healthy habits you will be healthy and will manage to avoid diseases. There are lots of different types of food that can protect our health such as potato. This article will describe in details its properties and the ability to prevent cancer.

Potatoes are rich with sources of energy that is needed for our body. They contain high amounts of carbohydrates that help our body work properly and increase its activities efficiency. This is what they supply our body with:

  1. Vitamin C which is extremely important for our immune system
  2. It is strong anti-oxidant that supports the process of rehabilitation
  3. Vitamin B, folic acid, magnesium, iron and potassium which are known as great properties important for our brain function

Also if you are using potato juice this is what it helps with:

  1. Improves liver and kidneys
  2. Removes toxins from your body
  3. Fights cancer cells
  4. Decreases sugar in your blood
  5. Treats gastritis and other stomach issues
  6. Improves the immune system
  7. Helps you overcome skin diseases

Here are some other benefits of potato juice:

Helps regulate cholesterol level and blood pressure

Potatoes are rich with kukoaminas which is important agent that controls blood pressure. Also it contains phytochemicals and vitamins that are important in providing protection of your cardiovascular system and it lowers the level of cholesterol. On the other hand it provides additional protection to the arteries from inflammation.

Heals burns and whitens your skin

Potato juice acts as beauty agent since it can be used for skin blemishes and tonalities balance. Also you may use sliced pieces for sunburn.

Acts as agent against premature aging

Potatoes will help you avoid premature wrinkles and in the same time refresh your skin. It also helps with reduction of noticeable signs of tiredness in your eyes and face, and it removes dark circles around your eyes.


There are many studies made by scientists and it is found that it can support the process of healing serious diseases. One the researchers, Dr. John Lesindzer, advises people to consume one tablespoon of potato juice diluted with small amount of water before your main meals in order to treat gastritis. If you want to treat duodenal and stomach, he recommends using 1/4 cup of potato juice in the morning on an empty stomach and 1/4 cup of the juice before lunch and dinner.

Treatment of respiratory system

Potato juice has been found to help the process of treatment of lung and respiratory disease. Also it reduces the level of glucose in your blood, according to research.


The Buddhist monk Tomizawa wrote a book “The road to healthy lifestyle: cancer, absolutely nothing to fear…” where he analyzes the use of potato juice on daily basis as prevention for cancer. The results of it have been positive in 90% of the cases. Also Dr. Kagamine, from University of Akita in Japan has managed to find a substance in potato that prevents and suppresses cancer growth in mice.

This is what you should bear in mind when preparing potato juice:

– Consume potato juice right after you have prepare it

– Use fresh potatoes for preparing the juice. In case you cannot find fresh potatoes, you should make ure they are not stained or dehydrated

– Do not remove the shell of potato

– Make sure you wash them well before using

– Do not use green potatoes because they do not contain any good properties for your body, but instead they contain solanine which might cause nausea, diarrhea, headache or stomach pain

Here is the recipe for potato juice

  1. Use two potatoes (washed and brushed very well). Make sure there are not residue left on the crust
  2. Slice it in thin pieces
  3. Use fabric cloth to wrap them and squeeze them or just simply use your mixer/blender

Remember that you will need to consume this potato juice in the morning on empty stomach or before your main meals. Feel free to dilute the potato juice with water as much as you want in order to improve the taste if you don’t like it. You may also combine it with fruits or vegetables such as lemon juice, apple or carrot. If you want you can also add honey in it in order to improve the taste.

You should consume potato juice regularly for one month. Afterwards you should make a two week pause before you restart consumption again.