Oncologists Accidental Discovery: The Juice of This Herb Can Kill Cancer in 48 Hours!

Scientists from Canada have found extremely effective herb that has properties that destroy cancer. This herb is completely natural and doesn’t cause any side-effects. The University of Windsor conducted the study with expert scientists where they examined the effects of dandelion against cancer. Their study started in 2009 when one oncologist found strong link between dandelion root tea and reduced risk of cnacer.

One of the post-doctoral candidates at the University of Windsor, Pamela Ovadje, has been the first scientist that found the health benefits of this root. She said: “One oncologist who worked with us, told us the unbelievable improvement in a patient’s daily drinking tea from dandelion root. We immediately began to investigate this tea to see how other patients respond to it, however we were pretty skeptical. I thought that dandelion grows all over, and if at all there is something great in it, people would have long ago found.”

She further stated: “Since we began this project, we were able to get out of dandelion root extract and use it to many types of human cancer in the lab. In the lab, we observed its effectiveness against leukemia cells, colon cancer and pancreatic cancer, and chronic myelomonocytic leukemia. We’ve discovered that dandelion root has extremely strong effect on them without harming healthy cells. Furthermore, studies have validated the efficacy in mice transplanted human cancer cells.”

Since 2015 dandelion root extract has passed all regulations and has been approved for human trials. The first phase of the trials has included research treatments of leukemia and lymphoma. One of the biochemists at the University of Windsor, Dr. SciarraPandi, has been leading the research and considered the extract as one of the greatest natural remedy that has been found against cancer.

Here is how it works

The extract of dandelion root actually induces the apoptosis in the cancer cells. This means that it acts as destroyer of the cancer cells, but without causing any damage to the healthy cells. Even though this research is still in the process of first stages, there have been great results so far proving that it has great potation to become main ingredient in treatments of cancer.

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