Do this ONE Technique Before Bedtime to Help Drain Your Lymph Glands

Have you heard about the “lymphatic drainage”?

Most of you have not, and also you may have not heard about the term lymphatic system. This is because it is rarely discussed, even though “… the lymphatic system is no less essential than the blood circulatory system for human health and well-being”, which was stated by the researchers at USC in 2012.

The lymphatic system is of vital essence for both tissue repair and regulating inflammation in most organs of the body. Inadequate lymphatic drainage can lead to disrupted immune system, and in some cases can lead to the development of tumors in the lymph nodes. The lymphatic system needs to be exercised in order to stimulate its drainage. Optimal health can be acquired by keeping healthy lymphatic system.

Why Your Lymphatic System Needs Detoxification

Exposure to toxins is inevitable, namely we are being exposed to over 82,000 various toxins a day. Toxic accumulation and not being able to detoxify the system regularly can lead to overload of toxic compounds which will compromise the function of all important body organs. Here comes the great function of the lymphatic system as it cleanse the fluid which surrounds the cells by removing waste and impurities, and assisting the body tissues, cells and all organs to function accordingly. Impaired lymphatic system leads to severe health issues, such as pain, obesity, pain, bloating, digestion issues, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Detoxify Your Lymphatic System by Using Castor Oil

The renowned Dr. David Williams maintains that, quoting: “No drug exists that has the ability to improve lymphatic flow; however, the job can easily be handled through the topical application of Castor oil.”In order to gain the benefits of the use of castor oil, all you have to do is to apply it to various skin parts.

For better stimulation of the lymphatic system, use a castor oil pack to the lower abdomen. Then, take a cotton cloth folded in a few layers and dip it in the oil. Next, apply it onto the skin and leave it to act during the night. The castor oil pack raises the circulation of lymphatic fluids, enhances digestion, and lowers inflammation.

Beneficial Herbs for the Lymphatic System

The lymph can be purified by the use of certain herbs and teas. Detoxify the lymph by the use of the herb Echinacea, which strengthens immunity and as well as promotes lymphatic functions. Echinacea contains powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antiviral properties. It enhances the cells in the lymph nodes, macrophages which eliminate toxins out from the lymph.

Use the Sauna to Sweat Out all Toxins

Perspiration is a great way of removing toxins out of the body, therefore sauna baths are an excellent way for the detoxification of the lymphatic system. Due to the sweating accumulated toxins such as lead, copper, mercury, sodium, and many more will be flushed out of the body.

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