Oregano Oil: Far More Superior than Prescription Antibiotics, Without the Side Effects!

We live in times when our health is at great risk. Even though we have antibiotics which supposedly should resolve this issue, it turns out that they are not effective as they used to be. The “super bugs” have developed an immune resistance to them because even if we do not take antibiotics, most of the time we take them not even being conscious of that. Namely, they are everywhere in the foods like beef, poultry, and porcine. So, when we really have a need of the use of antibiotics they will not be effective, and even a minor infection will become death threatening.

Many people still believe that antibiotics were and still are the amazing solution that it will take care of all our health problems.

However, this is a common mistake as it seems that the golden time of antibiotics have passed. When a small infection is concerned the use of antibiotics will trigger two main consequences, the already weakened immunity system will feel the strain of the use antibiotics. Antibiotics will kill also the “good” bacteria in the gut which enhances the immune system and improves the body’s capability of eliminating toxic metals out of the body.

Therefore, prescribed antibiotics have to be used solely when your physician tells you that it is of vital essence for your body.

Yet, the beef industry is the main user of antibiotics in the U.S, namely the statistics say that 70% of all antibiotic uses are in the beef industry. So, this use is one of the largest risks for the healthcare system. The beef industry companies claim that this is done because of our own good which entirely is not true as the only thing they are concerned about is their own profit.

Therefore, try to replace antibiotics with some of the existing natural alternatives, and purchase only certified organic and natural meat products.

Essential oils take a crucial role in this matter as they are very helpful for this issue. They are actually the healthy option included to many natural cleaners, and have the ability to act as a natural pest control.

It was discovered that the mixes of oregano, cinnamon, and chili peppers essential oils can make most poultry much healthier and resistant to the existing infections, according to a 2011conducted study. Furthermore, thyme oil can be also used as it is very efficient in preventing bacteria.

For all these reasons, keep these essential oils in your homes all the time as they can prevent numerous infections and still not compromise the healthcare system.