Panic and Anxiety Attacks Have a Very Close Connection With These Two Substances!!!

Many of us are victims of panic or anxiety attacks. Usually these are phenomena that turn out to be uncontrollable and sometimes we don’t even know the cause. But do you really know what causes these panic attacks?!

According to some studies, iron deficiency and vitamin B deficiency may be the cause of a panic attack or anxiety. Indeed, the deficiency in certain nutritious foods could cause many side effects. According to a study carried out by scientists and researchers, a lack of iron as well as a vitamin B6 was observed in 21 people who agreed to carry out the test. The 21 participants were much more prone to panic attacks or hyperventilation.

Studies have shown that people who have very low vitamin B6 levels are prone to suffer from hyperventilation or even anxiety.

Vitamin B6, is an element most important for our body since its deficiency causes the appearance of chronic stress, or even panic attacks. Generally, vitamin B deficiency can lead to agitation, irritability, emotional instability, anxiety or fatigue.

It is important to consume foods high in vitamin B6 and iron before using the pharmaceutically created supplements. According to Dr. Ben Kim chiropractian and acupuncturist the vitamins B that we can find in the pharmacies as well as in grocery stores only represents a brief part of what our body requires. In the rest of this article we propose to discover the foods rich in iron and vitamin B6 that should be privileged in your diet.

Here are some foods rich in iron:

– Red meat
– Fish
– Lentils, chickpeas, red beans
– Spices (cumin, ginger, cinnamon …)
– Dark chocolate

Foods high in vitamin B:

– Egg yolk
– Cheese and yogurt
– Dried fruits (walnuts, pistachios, almonds …)
– Fruits (avocado, orange, mango, strawberry …)
– Vegetables (potatoes, spinach, Brussels sprouts …).


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