Parrot Falls in Love with Alexa and Keeps Ordering Things from Amazon

Alexa has been a great invention for many people all around the world, but for one specific parrot named Rocco it is his soul mate and invaluable company.

Rocco is an African grey parrot that previously lived at the National Animal Welfare Trust sanctuary in Berkshire, but since he is a unique parrot his blue language was not appealing to the visitors of this institution. As a result of that he had to be moved to a different home, and the sanctuary worker Marion Wischnewski took him.

Marion like most of the people that find Alexa handy has it in her home. But, it seems that Rocco needs Alexa a lot, especially in his little mischiefs. Namely, Rocco uses Alexa for ordering things on the Amazon Echo. He usually likes to order various fruits and veggies like melons, raisins and broccoli, but he is a fan of the ice cream and orders it as well. He also has a habit of ordering random things such as a light bulb, kite, and a kettle.

How does he do it?

The African grey parrot is known for its incredible mimicking skills, and because of that Rocco could easily order all his preferences. The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, states that the African grey parrot is the best talker of all parrot species. This parrot can mimic parts of speech almost as a human being and aside speech it has the ability to imitate other sounds with incredible accuracy like the work of construction equipment, dripping faucets, etc.

So, no wonder how Rocco managed to do all his ordering, but his owner is a clever one and once she comes back from work she checks the shopping list of Rocco and cancels all the ordered items.

Rocco does not talk to Alexa only when he wants to order something that he likes, but as well as uses the voice-activated device to play his favorite tunes so that he can dance. He is a rock fan, but it seems that he likes some slow numbers from time to time.

Marion finds this very interesting as sometimes when she comes home there isromantic music playing on. Rocco just loves Alexa and chats with her all day long. Here it is how Marion explains it:

He loves a boogie with Alexa. But it has to be something fast, like his favorite Kings of Leon.”