Parrot Trapped on Roof Tells Fire Crew to “F*** Off” When They Try to Rescue Her

Firefighters are civil officers who are there when we are in trouble. We mostly need them and they are the bravest guys who risk their own lives to rescue us when there is fire or some other mischief. They are also there for the animals like the cats when they climb incredibly high trees or when other pet needs to be saved.

In this article we shall tell you a story about a parrot who was not pleased for being rescued. The name of this parrot is Jessie, a Macaw parrot that was trapped on a London roof for three days. It was believed that it was injured, and because of that stayed on the roof. In such case the London Fire Brigade was called, but they could not get it down from the top of a house in Edmonton.

The fire crew manager started to use trained words in order to bond with the parrot by saying “I love you”. On the scene was also the London Fire Brigade Watch Manager, Chris Swallow, who reported that the crew manager volunteered for climbing up the ladder so that he could himself bring down Jessie. But, the respond to “I love you” was completely different to what the firefighters expected, in fact instead of the conventional “I love you” they heard nasty swears from the parrot.

But, the firefighters continued the rescue and they tried everything even using Turkish and Greek words as Jessie spoke these two languages as well. But, the bird had a mind of its own and simply flew away to another roof, and then to a tree. Everyone could see that she was in good health and that she had no injuries. After that she was reunited with her owner who also reported the well-being of his bird, but now she wasn’t swearing or feeling grumpy.

The firefighter, Swallow explained that the first contact in such cases should be the RSPCA. They will help the animals that are in some way stuck or in distress. If the RSPCA requires any additional assistance, the firefighters will be more than obliged to come and help them by using their specialist equipment thus bring the animals to safety.

The owner of Jessie was very pleased with the work of the firefighters and in order to show its appreciation he send them a video of their rescue of Jessie.