People Are Growing Magical Bean Pole Garden Tents for Their Kids

The coronavirus pandemic offered us plenty of free time due to the enforced quarantine, and many people used it widely and became very creative when their home was concerned. They have recalled some of their memories of their childhood and remembered how much they loved tents in their backyards, and one of the brilliant ideas that have come up to them was building a bean tent.

This tent looks magical in the garden and a perfect hiding spot for your children making their time spent in the garden more entertaining than ever before. Not to mention the fact that they will find this tent magical and a great spot for fun activities.

This tent would be probably the coolest thing that you have done for your children and at the same time a great place where you can teach them about some life-surviving skills like growing food, gardening, and harvesting. As the summer approaches with all its full strength the bean tent would be the ideal place for catching some shade for your children.

The building of this tent is not a hard process and it is an excellent DIY project that can be done with your children as well. This project will deepen your bond with your children and at the same time all of you will enjoy every minute spent while building the tent.

For its construction you will need some poles, twine or string, soil, pole bean seeds, and/or annual climbing flower seeds.

If you need some inspiration, then the book “Roots, Shoots, Buckets& Boots” by Sharon Lovejoy is the perfect source for that. This book is specifically created for gardening purposes with your children and the Moon Garden and the Garden of Giants are the ideal examples. Plus, it offers many others ideas and information that will make your gardening a fun time even if you were not a great fan of it. All her ideas are both, functional and magical, which can be performed with your children.

There is nothing like creating a magical place for your children in your own garden or backyard. They will be occupied most of their time and they will be always near your house, safe and sound.

Here are some of the bean tents that other people have constructed. Check them all and get the inspiration for your own bean tent.

Here is a full-detailed tutorial: