People Are Obsessed with “Whipped Coffee” — Here’s How to Make It

Coffee is the drink that is consumed by millions of people every day. Some of us cannot even imagine starting the day without a cup of coffee. There are different varieties of coffee making, and we are always open to find out more.

Nowadays, the most popular creation of coffee is the new barista-inspired coffee that has been posted in a TikTok video. This video immediately became viral checked by million viewers. So, you must try this coffee!

The Coffee Hit – Dalgona or Whipped Coffee

Dalgona coffee is native in South Korea, where you can find a popular candy with the same name too. It is so exquisite that reminds us of the coffee prepared in a coffee shop which we all miss in these terrible lockdown days.

Dalgona coffee tastes extraordinary and reminds us of all the nice relaxing hours spent in cafés, but thanks to its taste we can have the atmosphere of a café in our own home.

The preparation of the coffee is really easy and in just couple of minutes you can drink and enjoy the flavor of the dalgona coffee. For that purpose, you need to mix:

  • 2 tablespoons of instant coffee
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of water.

Combine the coffee with the sugar and then add the water that needs to be hot or boiling so that the coffee and the sugar nicely dissolve. For the mixing you can use a frother or a hand mixer, and thus create a creamy topping. If you do not have the above devices, you can mix it with a standard mixer on a medium setting, and in 3 minutes you will have your super delicious coffee.

Add the milk of your choice and create a foamy topping that you can scoop it. If you like your coffee cold, then just add a few ice cubes.

This coffee will offer the feeling of leaving the home and for a full experience you can chat with some of your friends online while drinking it. Many people prepared it and posted pictures on social media.

You can search the hashtag #dalgonacoffee on Instagram, and you will get over 21,000 results.

The first attempt of preparing whipped coffee was made by @connievolume:

For the preparation of the coffee, the YouTube channel named Simply Mama Cooks posted a tutorial, so if you are interested, check it:

You can enhance its taste and looks by adding chocolate or sprinkles over it, but before you start to drink it, make sure to stir it.

Since it has become rapidly popular many people posted advices for the best foam, and one of them is an Instagram user @pistachiopicks who shows how to obtain perfect foam by using the frother, electric whisk, spoon, or whisk.

Try it, and enjoy the day!