People Are Refusing to Use Self-Checkout Because It’ll “Kill Jobs”

Canada has become the country strongly to oppose the use of self-checkout machines in retail shops and not by the government or the shops but by the people, the regular customers. According to released interview by the CBC – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation showed that people are strongly against the deployment of these machines as that will lead to great unemployment in the country.

If people start to use these machines regularly that will terminate certain job positions on which many people live on.

One of the shoppers, Dan Morris, stated the following to CBC: “They’re trying to herd everyone in, get everyone used to the self-checkouts to cut down on staff. Machines don’t pay taxes. They don’t pay into the pension plan.”

This attitude was shared by most of the interviewed people fearing for the jobs of other people. This will affect many families as many people will lose their jobs due to automation which will eventually lead to financial crisis and distress. The economy would be also affected by going down instead of up, so these self-checkout machines will do no good to anyone except may be for some people.

The Rise of Technology Vs Humanity

The automated services and self-checkout machines are not present only in retail shops but as well as in other aspects in customer relations. In fact, most of the e-commerce giants promote this technology like Amazon and Walmart. Both online marketing companies known worldwide are focusing on robotic technology for their ideas and put up store chains that lack human services.

In the survey carried out by CBC, which included 1,053 retail shoppers, 11 percent of them confirmed that they use self-checkout on regular basis. These customers said that this type of shopping was faster and more convenient for them. So there are a certain percentage of people who actually prefer this type of shopping. They believe that humans will look for other type of jobs and there should be a clear way for the upcoming advancement in technology. Some of them liked this idea more than having cashiers with a certain attitude.

Self-checkout machines is not something new as they have been first introduced about 30 years ago meanwhile undergoing certain changes, upgrades and improvement. Yet, a majority of people still refuse their use like Sandra Wilkins, a working mom of two, stating the following “It can be classified as a crime against humanity to use one of those machines.” 

Pros and Cons for Self-Checkout Machines

According to some people the implemented technology will make it easier for retail store owners to manage their businesses, but this will lead only to fewer jobs for people. The store owners will have fewer labor costs by replacing humans with machines.

People on social media have presented their attitudes against the use of self-checkout machines. They discarded their use due to several reasons. They want to speak with a human being when visiting retail shops and not with a machine. The human being has a family to provide for and the machine does not have none and no empathy for another human being. This world is inhabited by humans and it should stay like that.

However, there are people who claim that many people have no knowledge on how to use these self-checkout machines and because of that they protest against their use. This turned out not be true as most of the people who are abstainers of self-checkout machines can navigate them pretty well without any problem. They are boycotting their use due to lack of human touch and what it will mean for many people who work in retail shops. They are not against the rising technology as it helped humanity in so many ways, but there has to be a limit to its use. If the use of machines overwhelms many job positions held by humans that will make many people hungry and homeless.

The CBC’s reporter interviewed many people who were against the use of self-checkout machines, but one lady in her senior years stood out. Peggy Eburne confirmed that she is one of those who have never used a self-checkout machine as she believes that is wrong to automate every job done by humans with machines. She supports this rebellion against the use of machines and conveys the message that people should not back down but fight in what they believe in. She stated:

“Maybe the little we do makes no difference at all, but we like to stand by what we believe in.”

For more information about this issue watch the video below.