People Are Sharing Their Failed Baking Attempts and Here Are 15 of The Funniest Ones

The coronavirus pandemic made us to stay home all the time and in this period many people found all sorts of way how to make their time spent at home more interesting. Some watched films, others cleaned their houses, and so on, but it seems that most of them turned to cooking. There are more recipes circulating on the net and most of the cooking experiments were posted online.

Many people chose baking as the best cooking activity as it offers great scent in the whole home making you feel comfortable and cozy.

However, if you are a beginner it does not mean that all your attempts will be successful. But, no needs for worries, you are not the only person who did not succeed with the baking, many others failed as well.

Check the failures of other people, and maybe there are some of yours there:

Sharing failed kitchen experiments became a trend after the writer Hend Amry shared a photo of the “world’s most failed banana bread attempt” with a hashtag reading #myshame.

Many people wanted to experience the feeling of having a home filled with pleasant, tasty smells of freshly-baked breads and cookies, but it was not successful. The Instagram and Twitter users posted their failures like burnt loaves, misshapen disasters, and batter spilled out all over the pans.

We made for you a collection of the most hilarious baking failures that were shared online. Imagine how thrilled these people where while making the batter and hoped for something amazing to happen, but after removing the baking pans from the ovens, the surprise was not what they expected to be.

Do not get discouraged, maybe baking is not your thing, and if you are a beginner try the recipes that do not involve any baking, and there are many of them online.