Most People Don’t Know What They are Supposed to Do With Each Type of Onion. Do You?

Onion is a vegetable which is used in most dishes starting form main meals to salads. There are so many recipes for its use; however, in this article we will show you even more ways how to use onions.

Keeping it fresh – You can do this by taking a hole punch and making a few holes in a paper bag. Then, place your onions in the bag, seal it with a paper clip, and store them in the pantry for 2 months or longer. This same procedure can apply to garlic, and shallots and they will be kept fresh up to two months.

Onion Cutting – Your guide can be a stainless-steel hair pick, thus improving knife abilities offering you excellent, even cuts and saving you time in their preparation.

Onion Skins- You can utilize onion skins as a base for soup stock. Your broth will gain fantastic flavor, and also great brown color. As a matter of fact, for acquiring this result, you can use all your vegetable cuttings and skins.

Bread Making –You can do this just by replacing around 5% of the flour with dried onion skin offering you delicious savory bread recipes. Everyone will love your bread.

Cramps Assistance – Onion skins are very helpful if you suffer from this issue. All you have to do is to cook two handfuls of onion skins in water 10 to 20 minutes on low heat. After that strain the skins and you have a prepared solution. Use: Drink one cup each night before going to bed, and your painful cramps will be soon gone.

Onions are really amazing, aren’t they? Watch the video below, and find more interesting facts:


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