Most People Don’t Know What to Do With Each Type of Onion. Do You Know?

Onions may be the most versatile vegetables; there are not many recipes that don’t include onion in one form or another. But there are many other ways to use onions!

You can keep the onions, shallots and garlic fresh for up to two months by punching few holes on a paper bag.

Put the onions in the paper bag and seal it with a paperclip. Store it in the pantry for two months or more.

Cutting: Use a stainless steel picker as a guide, and your knife skills will pick up quickly, giving you nice, even cuts and you will save some preparation time.

As for the onion skins, you can use these peels as a base for broth. It will not only get a great flavor, but the broth will get an incredible brown color. As a matter of fact you can use all your vegetables cuttings and skins to make soup stocks.

You can also make bread – just replace about five percent of the flour you would use with onion skins. The bread will be just amazing.

Lastly, onion skins can help you a lot if you suffer from cramps. Just cook 2 handfuls of onion skins in some water for 10-20 minutes; strain the skins and drink a cup every night before bedtime, and you will forget about your cramps. Aren’t onions incredible?

Take a look at the video below for more interesting facts about onions: