Photo of Gorilla with Lack of Pigmentation Shows Hand that Looks Remarkably Human

Mother Nature can still amaze us with all its diversity and complexity. We can still learn from it and be surprised by it.

The animal world on our planet is one of a kind, and we can relate to it in so many ways. What really astonished many people were the posted photos of Zoo Atlanta of the gorilla Anaka. On August 30, Anaka celebrated her 6th birthday, and many fans shared the photos and expressed best wishes for her birthday.

The thing that was unusual on these photos was the image of the gorilla’s fingers. People have noticed a pink patch on the skin which seemed as they were human fingers, and everyone commented about Anaka’s fingers.

Gorillas have opposable thumbs, but like humans they have individual fingerprints and toe prints and nails. The photo of Anaka’s hand reveals great similarity to a human hand with creases in her fingers and short nails.

The Zoo does not offer any specific comment on Anaka’s hand; they just say that her skin is as unique as her personality:

‘’She’s often barking at her mom and others to get a prime spot for food and juice.’’

 ‘’She is often seen riding piggyback on her brother and sisters.”

Some of the fans believe that Anaka might have vitiligo, a skin disease manifested by skin patches without a pigment. But, the Zoo has not confirmed this, their spokesperson stated the following:

Well, her skin pigment has always been like that and hasn’t changed over the years, so we think it’s just a cool birthmark.”