Photo of Starfish with ‘Big Butt’ Goes Viral

When an animal has a human trait no matter if it is physical and behavioral we find it interesting and amazing. Animals are not aware of their physical appearance and for sure do not pay so much attention to it as we as humans do. So, when we see a picture of an animal with a human physical trait it makes us laugh.

A photo of a big-butted starfish has become viral as it reminds us of our silliest trait that it is at the peak of attention with so many celebrities. This picture has caused such stir among the followers on twitter and aside funny considerations this picture helped us to learn more about sea creatures.

The picture of this starfish was posted on Twitter by the user @babyshoujo who believed that it is a common starfish and many others as well. The picture was so much liked that it received more than 171,000 retweets and 635,000 likes. This user had probably no idea that this picture would cause such fuss among people.

As we mentioned before such hilarious pictures that incite people’s imagination can help us in learning more about the marine life. Namely, this “big butted” starfish is not actually a starfish, although it resembles one.

Scientists were probably the only ones who did not laugh at this picture as they knew that this creature is not a starfish. Well, they may have found amusing the perception of other people about the species in the marine life, but they specified that the mentioned picture is not once again a starfish.

Starfish – What is it?

We must tell you this starfish does not exist, may be in some cartoon character, but in real life there are no starfish. What most people believe that is starfish is neither a star nor a fish. The real name of this creature is “sea star.”

Everything You Need to Know about Sea Star

Sea stars more similar to the sea urchins and sea cucumbers as they are all echinoderms. Echinoderm refers to a sea creature with perfect symmetry and because of that they are considered magical that live in the deepest parts of the sea. They can move really fast visiting the deep ends of the sea. They are far in resemblance with the fish since sea stars do not have fins, gills, scales, and blood.

In addition to all this:

  • Sea stars are carnivorous invertebrates that can reach a lifetime of 35 years and weight of 11 pounds.

  • They move one meter per minute, and as a substitute to fins they have little tube feet with which they push themselves along and thus catch prey moving across the ocean.

  • A sea star has no blood vascular system, but in fact water vascular system meaning that, instead of blood, seawater pumps through its system, amazing, isn’t it?

  • People visualize the “starfish” with five arms as in a drawn star, but the sea star can have up to 40 arms. It can regenerate itself when it loses one of the arms.

No Harm in Calling It Starfish

Somehow some memories form the childhood we cannot forget like the starfish in Sponge Bob. So, you can refer to the sea star as the starfish, this esoteric creature is not technically a species, but makes the sea a wonderful place to dive in and enjoy all the diversity of the marine life.