Why Are Pineapples Beneficial!? 16 Amazing Reasons to Have Some More of It

Aside the fact that pineapples are very tasty and delicious, they are also extremely healthy which can offer your body numerous health benefits. In this article we shall present you 16 reasons why they are so beneficial for your body.

1. Packed in valuable nutrients
This exotic fruit has in its content magnesium, copper, folate, potassium, thiamin, vitamin B6, and many more essential vitamins and minerals.

2. Firm bones
Protect your body from the occurrence of osteoporosis, just drink 1cup of pineapple juice on daily basis and your bones will be stronger than ever.

3. Improved digestion
Pineapples have in their content bromelain, a substance which can enhance the body’s digestion. Likewise, this fruit has the ability to fight off inflammation. Plus, bromelain could reverse diabetes and help in the process of sugar metabolism.

4. Blood pressure under control
They can successfully regulate the blood pressure due to the content of potassium.

5. Prevent blood clots
This condition can be stopped as a result of the potent anti-coagulant properties which can prevent embolism.

6. Battles against cancer
Many studies have confirmed that pineapples can hinder further development of cancer cells. The content of bromelain is a kind of chemo preventive agent fighting against colon cancer. Likewise, it has been proven that it can inhibit prostate cancer from further growth.

7. Great remedy for coughs
Pineapples are even better than any available medication on the market. They are high in vitamin C, as a result of which the immunity is being boosted and the pain and inflammation reduced.

8. No sore joints
As per Arthritis Foundation, the consumption of pineapple juice can help you in the relief of painful joints thanks to the powerful anti-inflammatory properties. These properties can stop the onset of various inflammatory diseases such as gout and arthritis.

9. Sharp vision
They contain vitamin A and because of that your eyesight will be sharpened and the macular degeneration decreased.

10. Alleviate stomach pain
The consumption of pineapple juice can soothe your stomach discomfort. Therefore, avoid the use of stomach medicines. However, if you overdo with this consumption it may lead to diarrhea and some other gastrointestinal issues.

11. Reduced inflammation
They have the ability to lower the inflammation no matter if they are taken fresh or frozen. Also they can accelerate the healing of the injured tissues.

12. Better Smile
If your body is short of vitamin C, then your gums can become easily inflamed, and your gums and teeth might be bleeding. However, if you eat pineapples there is no need for worries.

13. Meat tenderizer
Pineapples can make your meat more tasty and tender due to the content of bromelain that can separate the amino acids to separate peptide bonds which soften the tough meat making it easier for chewing.

14. Boost fertility
This fruit is amazing contributor to fertility.

15. Firm skin
As aforementioned, pineapples are abundant with vitamin C thus making the ideal food for the health of the skin. Likewise, this fruit is effective against scars, and wounds, and it is beneficial for your teeth and bones. You can combine it with yoghurt and honey thereby offering your skin with radiance and tightness.

16. Aids in the weight loss process
Pineapples provide you with satiety thus making you full without the need for any extra snacks. This very much helps when you plan to lose some of those extra pounds. They are packed with fiber and also they are releasing glucose in the blood which can stop psychological overindulging that is highly beneficial when losing weight.