Pit Bull Drags Baby Girl by Diaper from Burning House Saving Whole Family

When someone mentions having a pit bull most of us think of the aggressiveness of this dog and because of that we are reluctant in its presence. The common belief is that they are a terrifying breed of dogs; however this misconception is being shattered by many examples of bravery that pit bulls show. They are life saviors and just like any dog, man’s best friend.

A family in the Chaichanhda household that was taking cared of an 8-month-old pit bull was blessed for its existence. For them it was a regular night, they went to bed, the parents in their room, and their 7-month-old toddler in her own room. They were not aware of the terrible incident that it was about to happen, sleeping peaceful in their rooms.

That night in the Nana Chaichanhda’s apartment in Stockton, California, burst a fire and it was on the verge of burning down. The accident was unexpected and life threatening, but luckily for the presence of the pit-bull who turned to be the hero of this family.

The pit bull belonging to Nana Chaichanhda, Sasha was outside when it started to bark in front of Nana’s door. This was not a typical behavior of the pit bull and the barking did not stop. She could sense the fire in the neighboring apartment and because of that started to bark trying to warn everyone.

Nana has never heard before such loud barking of Sasha and immediately knew that something is going wrong in the house. She was fully awaken and came out of her room and saw the flames of fire, and instinctively run to her toddler’s room. But, reaching to her daughter was not easy as the apartment was already in flames and she had to make a way to come to the room of her toddler.

Nana was surprised to see Sasha there, but the dog was there and showing great heroic action grabbing the baby from its crib by the waist and trying to pull it from the raging flames. When Nana saw that she quickly grabbed her baby and the pit bull from the bed and run to the exit escaping the fire-raging flames.

Nana is still remembering how determined was Sasha to pull her baby out of her bed and carry her out of the apartment that was about to crumble. The dog did not only try to save Nana from the fire but as well as the toddler by persistently pulling her at the diaper. Sasha was the savior of this little family and never hesitated to run through the flames to save the toddler.

The consequences of the fire were terrible, their apartment after this fire blaze was left inhabitable and if they have stayed inside they would have for sure be dead. Fortunately, for Sasha they were warned in time and thus being able to escape the fire and save their lives.

In the same building was living her cousin who was also left without home in the fire, but fortunately their aunt was a resident in the same building complex that was left intact. Their aunt took her relatives and offered her home also the brave the pit bull. She sheltered the pet as well and was happy that her granddaughter kept it as it saved her granddaughter and her daughter’s life.

There is ongoing investigation by the Stockton Fire Department about the fire breakout. A tenant like Nana was happy to have a dog like her pit bull that saved her family. Due to this incident the other tenants of this building complex started to appreciate Sasha more. Before the fire, the residents were reluctant towards the dog and did not fully understand the breed considering it very aggressive. Now, the whole community sees Sasha with such awe and appreciates its bravery and determination to save the lives of its owners.

Nana admitted that “if it wasn’t for her, I would have still been in bed and things could have taken a worse turn.”

She plans a big treat for the beloved dog and thus expressing her eternal gratitude for saving their lives.