Place a Few Leaves of This Plant in Every Corner of Your House and You’ll Never See a Single Cockroach Again

Cockroaches are quite disgusting insects, which are usually associated with dirt and trash. Having them in your kitchen or bathroom is a source of disgust but if you use dangerous chemical, insecticides to exterminate them put your health at risk. So try this trick which is 100% natural!

Cockroaches are one of the most resistant insects on the entire planet. They survive high levels of radiation and are able to remain without food for almost 40 days.

Omnivores, they invade all types of food, whether from plant or animal origin. Moreover, by locating a source of water or food, cockroaches release chemicals through their faces allowing them to find it easily and to indicate to other members of their community the position of that food. Thus, when a cockroach settles in your kitchen or your bathroom, expect to see a growing number of cockroaches soon!

Cockroaches, great health danger

Feeding on garbage, cockroaches have developed strong immunity against a variety of germs and bacteria. So they get to contaminate all the places where they move without their status being impacted. Their invasion in our home is very dangerous, especially for the children and elderly people.

Among the diseases they transmit, we find:

Salmonellosis: an infection named according the bacterium: salmonella. This is one of the causes for frequent food poisoning and which causes symptoms like stomach cramps, fever and diarrhea.

Dysentery: a chronic infection of the small intestine characterized by acute diarrhea with mucus and abundant bleeding and violent attacks of abdominal pain.

Gastroenteritis: an infection of the digestive system caused by different microorganisms (viruses, bacteria …) and followed by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal cramps.

Typhoid: very severe diarrheal disease caused by infection from Salmonella typhi (bacteria). It causes severe fever with high temperature that reaches up to 104 ° and that lasts up to 4 weeks followed by strong persistent diarrhea for up to 3 weeks. Red spots arise on the back, chest and belly of the patient and the tongue becomes whitish with very red tip.

Eczema: a non-contagious skin disease manifested by inflammation of the skin, redness, scales dander and itching.

Asthma: inflammation of the reparatory pathways resulting with difficult or wheezing breathing, shortness of breath or chest pain.

To preserve our health and that of our children, here is simple and effective tricks that will repel cockroaches effectively and sustainably, without the use of chemical insecticides harmful to our health and our environment.

Natural way to repel cockroaches

Killing the cockroaches is not the best solution, in doing so, you cannot eliminate the eggs that will later reproduce new cockroaches. So repel them from your house permanently, with an old grandmother’s trick using bay leaves in your kitchen, your garden and your bathroom and distribute leaves in every corner of your home. Not being toxic as the chemicals you can use them without worrying about your children or your pet. Moreover, they are ideal for the places where you store the food.

Their effectiveness comes from their strong smell which has no negative effects on human. Actually bay leaves may not destroy them but their smell is unbearable for the cockroaches and keeps them away from your home.



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