This Plant is 10,000 Times More Efficient Than Chemotherapy

Sour sop or Graviola is a type of plant that originates from North and South America. This plant has been used in the past for treatment of diabetes and liver problems, and people in Africa still use it for treatment of fever in children.

This plant has become popular once again, and the media has been constantly talking about the health benefits it provides, but mainly they are talking about the anti-cancer properties it contains. The treatment against cancer is great because it doesn’t affect the healthy cells, but rather it attacks only the affected ones.

According to different studies, Graviola is considered to be 10.000 times more effective than chemotherapy, but in order to obtain the medicinal properties of this plant you will need to consume it properly.

The verification of the health benefits are still undergoing through research studies and awaits confirmation. These studies will definitely verify the anti-cancer properties of this plant and it will become the main source of medicine for treatment of cancer.

On the other hand, graviola is packed with vitamins and minerals which provide numerous health benefits. The entire plant could be used for treatment of different ailments.

Graviola is great for killing cancer in several levels:

  1. It is great because it kills the cancer cells without affecting the healthy cells
  2. Doesn’t cause side effects
  3. Boosts the immune system and prevents lethal infections
  4. Boosts the levels of energy and improves the mood
  5. Promotes the function of the organs

According to some lab tests, the extract of this plant damages the cancer cells in 12 different types of cancer such as colon, pancreatic, lung, prostate, breast cancer, etc.