Pomegranate Peel is One of the Most Powerful Remedy Known to Mankind! After Reading This You Will Never Throw Them Away!!!

Besides the fact that pomegranate is great fruit, you should know that the peel of it also contains extreme health benefits. You should only dry the peel and keep it in your household. The main health benefits of the peel of pomegranate are prevention of stomach infections and intestinal disorders.

Back in 1999 Mr. Glubokov found a recipe in which main ingredient is pomegranate peel which can treat appendix inflammation, salmonella, dysentery, cholera etc. We are going to present to you in this article this miraculous recipe.

Tea from pomegranate peels:

You will need to put pomegranate peel in hot water and leave it for thirty minutes. After thirty minutes you will need only half a glass of the tea, and do not strain the tea, but rather just cover it. If you notice improvement for the first 10 minutes, then you should know that you probably have diarrhea and there is no need for further use because you have solved the issue.

In case your pain continues it is a sign that you might have other health problem so you will need to drink another half a glass of tea. Make sure you consume it after three hours because the process of healing continues. You should feel complete relief after five hours of the first intake of the tea.

If you have problems with colitis, ulcer on the small bowel, and bile ulcer you should use this recipe:

Once you have prepared the tea (30 minutes procedure) you should consume 100ml of it during the entire day. For easier use you can simply divide it in four 25ml parts and start consuming it from the morning before your breakfast, and have the last one before you go to bed. Also remember that you will need to consume the tea on the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th day of the week (do not consume it on daily basis).

This will definitely help you heal your problem, but in case it continues you should continue using it after making a 7 day break.

You should not consume alcohol at all during the process of healing. Also remember not to strain the tea, and when you prepare it use a mixing ration 1:20. Make sure you hold onto this ratio because in case you use different one, you can end up with headache, nausea or dizziness.