Popular Cosmetic Line Chooses Young Woman with Down Syndrome as Ambassador

We are not living anymore in a world where the standard principle of beauty still applies; fortunately there is a breakthrough in this aspect. Beauty standards have changed in the last decade including models that have vitiligo or that do not have the ideal body shape. But, certain cosmetic companies have gone even further including models that have disabilities.

Benefit Cosmetics is the company that decided to have a girl with Down’s syndrome for its marketing campaign for the new Roller Liner. Kate Grant was the chosen one who was thrilled to do the campaign.

Benefit Cosmetics is well established company recognized by its bestselling Hoola Bronzer, Professional Primer and their Real Mascara. This company is trying to make the beauty industry a more inclusive and diverse world.

Kate Grant is 20 years old living in Ireland who became the first professional model with Down’s syndrome.

She always had this dream and magically it came true, but she has had previous experience. Kate has done some modeling in the past, and in 2018, she received the crown during the Teen Ultimate Beauty of the World pageant in her home country. This victory was splashing news in August 2018 being the first woman with Down’s syndrome to win an international beauty pageant. As beauty queen she was invited on TV-show “This Morning” where she stated that she hopes that she will be the new beacon of hope for the other people who have disabilities and struggle with everyday life.

She recalls the victory as something incredible and she could not believe it that she heard her name as a beauty queen. She remembers the tears of her close friends and family that cheered her from the audience and this victory for her is a chance to inspire other young people with Down’s ­syndrome and with other special needs to believe in themselves and try to achieve their dreams.

Benefit Cosmetics instantly connected with this young lady and liked her a lot believing that they did the right choice. Kate became their new face showing her incredible energy which became catchy and every person in the company caught it. Kate has an amazing zest for life that perfectly reflects the company’s vision of the brand.

Kate’s face was in many promotional materials and Instagram-posts successfully promoting the company’s new line-up roller liner eyeliner products. This cosmetic company does not mean to stop on using such special models but intends to give a chance to others and the relation with Kate will remain for the promotion of other products as well.

The Instagram post of Kate as the brand ambassador of this cosmetic line has become an inspiration for other people and many comments very positive and encouraging. Kate’s engagement in modeling still continues by taking a part in the new Wing Women campaign video where she is confidently showing off in front of the camera.

She became an inspiration for many women in the world, especially for the ones with disabilities boosting their confidence and self-respect.

Kate is determined to succeed and become the role model for many people with Down’s syndrome sending the message that this condition should never define them. They should all approach the life with optimism and a smile on their face.

Kate stands for better inclusion of all people with special needs in the society and she would do her best to help that to become a reality.