This Popular Ketchup Damages Your Liver, Metabolism, Immune & Nervous System and Brain

When you go to purchase your weekly ingredients you need always to check the product label as there are listed ingredients which are far from safe use. All producing companies are obliged to list the included ingredients in their product, which is good as in that way you can find out what actually you are eating.

Yet, there are products which definitely you should avoid their use and one of them is Heinz ketchup because of the included ingredients listed on the label. Here below are the ingredients that you must avoid to use:

  1. High fructose corn syrup

High fructose corn syrup is highly contained in Heinz ketchup; in fact it contains “tons” of it. However, producers managed to find a cunning way to hide this ingredient by giving it two names – corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup thus making you confused.

The body treats this syrup as sugar and metabolizes it in the same way thereby causing spikes in blood sugar levels, and at the same time overburdens the function of the liver.

You need to know that High fructose corn syrup is a GMO product which leads to heart disease, diabetes, uncontrolled weight gain, and poor immunity.

  1. Distilled vinegar and sugar

As if high fructose corn syrup is not enough this type of ketchup contains even more sugar. In fact, in every tablespoon of ketchup there is 4 additional grams of sugar in it. On the other hand, the distilled vinegar is made from GMO corn.

So, after reading this you may wonder why we should consume something made of GMO ingredients, sugar, chemicals, and other toxins.

Moreover, Heinz ketchup does not have in its content any nutrients, fiber, and protein therefore we cannot consider this product as food. Also this product contains artificial additives, onion powder and salt.