This Very Popular Spice in Your Kitchen Can Stop Heart Attack in 60 Seconds

If you have this spice at hand you can save lives in only 60 seconds, assures the famous Dr. John Christopher.

This allegation that one pretty known spice, found in every kitchen can prevent deadly heart attack in just about 60 seconds, caused a sensation in recent days. It was expressed by the famous Dr. John Christopher and the evidence supporting this thesis is really overwhelming. This very famous spice is cayenne pepper.

Dr. Christopher has shown that cayenne pepper is extremely useful for the activities of the heart and the entire circulatory system. So you should not ignore its properties and every home should have this spice, especially if you have a family member who is prone to heart problems or attacks.

You can prevent a heart attack

According to this healer, if you someone has a heart attack, the condition can be stopped within one minute if you give the person a cup of warm water mixed with one teaspoon cayenne pepper. This mixture must be given at the moment in which the patient regains consciousness.

In case the person, after suffering a heart attack, cannot regain consciousness, it is essential to put a few drops of cayenne pepper extract his tongue. If you currently do not have a similar extract, do not worry, you can rub his tongue with hot pepper.

According to Dr. John Christopher, thanks to this secret each of us could save lives in one minute. Cayenne pepper causes the heart to gradually recover its normal course in only a few seconds.

Share this useful information with your family and friends. Each of us can save lives as long as he or she is adequately informed!