Pour Vinegar In The Toilet Tank In Order To Eliminate Grime And Gunk! 6 Additional Nontoxic Cleaning Tricks!

Cleaning the toilet is probably the most annoying and less wanted cleaning process, especially the toilet bowl and tank. However, we need to do it on regular basis, and because of that we buy all those products that advertise very quick and efficient cleaning.

It is a fact that most of them can do the job efficiently, but unfortunately large number of them are packed with harmful chemicals which we breathe in while cleaning the toilet, and we continue to breathe them in even after the cleaning process has finished as they remain in the air.

These poisonous ingredients can lead to chemical burns, skin irritation, and can cause damage to the throat, eyes and nose. If you continue to use these products for a longer period of time, they can cause other ailments which can be very serious like asthma, reproductive issues, and even cancer.

Having all this in mind some of the producers of these cleaning products introduced green cleaning products, but they cannot always do the job, and not to mention the fact that they can be pretty pricey.

Moreover, with the greater demand for green cleaning products, there are many green products on the market labeled as “green”, but still containing some of the toxins. Nevertheless, there is no need for any special effort to find the right green product as even if you do not know it, you already have it in your kitchen, and that is white vinegar.

The Cleaning Powers of Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most potent cleansing products which can clean almost anything and is easily used on most of the cleaning surfaces starting from tiles to mirrors to hardwood floors, and to water-stained stainless steel.
It is a good thing that there are also other safe household products aside the vinegar which can be also very effective and above all free of any dangerous chemical substances.

If you are interested in turning to green cleaning products then, make sure to watch the video below.