The Powerful Properties of Orange Peels: 7 Important Reasons Why You Should Not Throw Them Away!

Oranges are probably the most used fruit all around the world as there isn’t a person that does not like orange juice. According to the Purdue University and Landscape Architecture oranges are the most frequently cultivated fruits globally. This fruit is with a remarkable delicious flavor and because of that it is mostly used by people all over the world, and not to mention the fact how extremely healthy it can be.

However, not many people are aware of the fact that even their peel is also as healthy as the fruit itself. Orange peels are commonly thrown away by people without even knowing the great value they can have. They can be used for various purposes like the following ones:

7 Incredible Uses of Orange Peels

  1. Natural Body Scrubber
    For a body natural scrub take cheesecloth and then fill it with orange peels wrapping them so that it resembles a loofah. Use it when having a shower, and scrub your skin with it.
  2. Water Stain Remover
    No one likes the water stains on the metal items, but they can be easily removed by rubbing an orange peel on them thereby making them shine and new.
  3. Used for Wood Furniture
    For restoring the glow of the wood furniture you need to use the inside of the orange peel and then apply it on the wooden surfaces.
  4. Insect Repellent
    All citrus fruits have in their content limonene, which is not the favourite substance of all insects thus making it an efficient repellent. Therefore, if you have insect issues all you have to do is to place some orange peels in areas where bugs commonly gather.
  5. Air Freshener
    Orange peels can be used to efficiently remove the unpleasant odors present in the house. For that purpose all you have to do is to leave the peels to dry out and then place them in a mixer. The mixture that you will obtain is a powder which needs to be put it in a sachet. These sachets need to be placed in areas in your home where there is mold and mildew like drawers, closets, and basements.
  6. Brown Sugar Softener
    You can use an orange peel as a brown sugar conditioner since it has in its content oil that can soften the sugar in the most natural way. Put one piece of orange peel in the container where you are storing your brown sugar an hour before using it.
  7. Garbage Deodorizer
    Garbage bins always have that disagreeable odor, but it can be easily eliminated by using dry orange peels. All you have to do is to put some dry orange peels at the bottom of the bin before placing the garbage bag. The smell of the house will be significantly improved when you will start to use orange peels.

Orange peels can be eaten as well since they are extremely healthy, namely they have in their content 1.5 grams of protein and also are high in riboflavin and vitamin A.