Prescription Painkiller Tramadol ‘Claiming More Lives Than Any Other Drug’

The Northern Ireland’s top pathologist states that the prescription painkiller tramadol, used by quite a large number of people every day is taking more lives than any other drugs, including heroin and cocaine.

Namely, last year 33 cases of deaths in Northern Ireland were associated to tramadol. In these deaths was even a young girl being 16 years old, and a pensioner in his 70s.

Taking tramadol can be extremely risky and people should be aware of this fact. However, since it is a prescribed drug, people believe that it is safe, states professor Jack Crane, states pathologist for NI.

This painkiller does not cause damage if they are taken in an adequate way, the danger occurs when users of this drug mix it with other substances like alcohol or drugs.

Tramadol is an opiate-based drug used to treat moderate or severe pain. It is available only on prescription as it was reclassified in 2014 hence becoming illegal Class C drug without prescription.

Even though it was banned for use without the necessary prescription, it is still widely used on the black market, claim anti-drug campaigners.

Professor Jack Crane has went publically and warned that many people will die provided that there isn’t an urgent action taken. He is also asking for a crackdown on the illegal market. He wants tramadol to be upgraded again, only this time to Class A.

Professor Jack Crane is about to meet Northern Ireland’s Chief Medical Officer to try to push for more quick change.

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