If You Press These 2 Points on the Back of Your Knees, Something Amazing Will Happen

Joint pain and back stiffness are among the most common problems today. These daily pains, which usually appear with age, are affecting even younger people today. There are several treatments to relieve the pain, but natural methods are the healthiest. Acupressure in particular is a simple and effective technique. Here are two pressure points to treat this type of pain and other health problems.

Pain in the joints or back may have different causes. In addition to aging, overweight and physical inactivity, inflammatory diseases (arthritis, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis …), cartilage lesions or sprains can cause these problems.

The pain and stiffness are embarrassing and unpleasant. When they persist, they can prevent the sufferer to perform the most basic tasks and make life very difficult. To remedy this, many people opt for drug treatment.

Bad habit! Yet consuming painkillers excessively can have serious health implications in the long run, hence the importance to always opt for natural solutions to relieve and treat the diseases.

Traditional medicine has a plethora of natural methods and remedies to cure many diseases. Acupressure is one of them.

What is acupressure?

Acupressure is a kind of massage which is based on stimulation of acupressure points to relieve several ailments, providing rest and relaxation.

According to this method of traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure points are distributed in different areas of the body (hands, feet, neck, face …) and are associated with meridians. These are also connected to several organs and can be activated by exerting gentle pressure on these reflex points. This will have the effect of reducing tension, relieve pain, relieve stress and rebalance the vital energy Qi (Chi).

Acupressure therefore has many benefits and is highly prized for its ability to soothe the body, reduce stress, fatigue and insomnia, relieve headaches, muscle tension, joint pain and back stiffness.

What are the pressure points to alleviate joint pain and stiffness of the back?

The acupressure points that can relieve these pains are situated at the back of the knees. According to experts, those are the ST36 and GB34 points.

The GB34 point lies on the side of the leg just below the knee, while the ST36 point is located at four fingers below the patella and one finger width lateral from the anterior border of the tibia.

How to proceed?

Sit down, knees bent, and try to locate these points on your legs. You will need to apply firm pressure on these areas with your fingers for a minute before releasing. Be sure to repeat this technique each day to reduce your joint and back pain.

Note that squeezing the GB34 point can also help relieve other health problems such as nausea, vomiting, and sciatic pain. As for applying pressure on the point ST36, it allows to aid digestion, eliminate bloating, reduce fatigue, and provide a general well-being.

Other tips for relieving joint pain and back stiffness:

The heat helps relieve back and joint pain, including pain due to osteoarthritis, improving blood circulation and relaxing the muscles. Place a warm towel or hot water bottle on the painful areas.

Inactivity is not going to help you relieve your joint or back problems, but may on the contrary increase the stiffness.

Get active; choose light disciplines such as yoga, Pilates or walking, which allow you to move without putting pressure on your joints.

Source: keepyourbody.com