Press this Point on Your Feet Before Sleep and What Will Happen Will Surprise You!

In this article we propose to discover how by massaging your feet you can quickly fall in the arms of Morpheus.

Feet and sleep

Foot reflexology is derived from traditional Chinese medicine. Foot massage is practiced by reflexologists in order to stimulate certain precise points at the level of the foot which makes it possible to remedy certain bodily dysfunction.

Our foot is comparable to a small map of all the organs. It is composed of 92 reflex zones, and when we stimulate them it is felt on the connected area.

Foot reflexology and benefits on the body

The foot massage will relieve you of many disorders such as bringing a general well-being to your mind, eliminating toxins, relieving headaches, back pain, reducing stress, relieving muscle tension, fighting against the state of fatigue, improving the blood circulation, etc.

Stimulate the foot area for a good night’s sleep

The point Tai Chong which is also called LV3 Point will, if stimulated, relax and promote restful sleep. This point lies between the big toe and the second toe. More precisely at the level of the bone that connects the two toes.

You will only have to exert pressure by making circular motions for 3 minutes. Do this before sleep and it will help you reduce your stress level, it will calm you down and relieve many ailments as well as promote restful sleep.