Press These Points on the Body and Check If You Have Cancer, Parasites or Bacteria!

Today with all the illnesses and diseases that are present it is hard to diagnose them on time. In fact there is a simple method that can help you check whether you are infected with bacteria, parasites, or even cancer. You will need to press specific point on the body in order to determine whether you have any illness.

In case of swollen lymph nodes it can be considered as a sign of cancer. The lymph nodes are located on the neck, underarms, around the head, and groin. Swollen and enlarged lymph nodes might form lumps behind the ear. You should know that the lymphatic system is consistent of lymph vessels, lymph nodes, and organs. This system is responsible for:

  1. Preventing and fighting infections
  2. Fighting germs
  3. Absorbing fats, waste, and excess fluids

If you notice that after you wake up that your face is swollen you should know it is due to the poor lymph circulation. One the lymphatic system is interrupted and filled with waste it can end up in the nodes and spleen which causes the swelling and blocking of the function of it.

Also if you noticed that you are getting ill, catching infections and colds more often than you actually do it is a sign of dysfunction of the lymphatic system. In case of swollen lymph node on the neck it is a clear sign that your body is infected or has a cold. In some cases it can be even worse; it could be a sign of cancer.

Here is how to identify whether the lymph nodes are swollen or not

Once they are swollen they will become of a size of pea bean or cherry. Don’t panic immediately because not always it is a sign of serious disease. Depends on the person the size of pea bean can be normal. When they are swollen the size is doubled or tripled so there is no chance that you will not notice when you touch.

Here are the symptoms that you will notice:

  1. Severe pain or tenderness when you touch the lymph nodes
  2. The main signs of infection are sores in the mouth, cough, fatigue, aching throat, sweating, fever, chills, and runny nose
  3. Lumps
  4. Swollen and red skin of the lymph nodes

Here is how to treat:

For best treatment in order to determine whether it is serious illness or just acute rhinitis you should visit your doctor. In fact, you can also use natural medicine such as garlic in order to fight any infection and illness. This remedy contains great anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can help you eliminate infections and boost your immune system. Also it is great for reducing swellings and inflammation that causes the swelling of the lymph nodes. In case you determine that it is something more serious you should follow the instructions of your doctor.