Psilocybin-Infused Coffee Coming Soon to Denver, Colorado

The coffee consumption is the most favorite one in every part of the world, but there is a change in its type of preparation. There is the creation of psilocybin-infused coffee that can be consumed only in the city of Denver, Colorado.

It seems that very soon you can have a cup of a fresh, steaming psilocybin-infused coffee by Sträva Craft Coffee. The “magic mushrooms” or psilocybin has been for decades decriminalized due to its psychedelic features and because of that the Sträva Craft Coffee has done researches how to normalize and make it safe, regular, and sub-perceptual the psychedelic use of this mushroom.

The company’s press release stated the following:

By incorporating microdoses of psilocybin into coffee and tea, Sträva aims to empower consumers with access to natural compounds which may offer life changing benefits.”

This is a unique company that has already served a CBD-infused coffee and making the Sträva an unorthodox company with its unusual beverages. The public can try these beverages and enjoy their benefits. The psilocybin-infused coffee is a first beverage of this type that the company serves to their customers. According to the report of The Third Wave this new infusion of coffee beans is something that fits into Sträva’s ethos and that is responsible, sustainable cultivation thereby delivering an innovative and infused coffee.

The reason for the development of this coffee is not only creating something different, but also offering medical benefits. Namely, the controlled intake of these fungi could be a potential remedy for PTSD, anxiety, and even depression. According to the Sträva’s CEO, Andrew Aamot, this coffee can be a way for more open discussion on the use of psilocybin, especially after the release of the new scientific findings. There has been for years a stigma on the use of these psychedelic fungi, very similar to cannabis, but this has changed after a scientific research concluding magic mushrooms to be a potential remedy for anxiety, PTSD, and depression.

Andrew Aamot states that by serving psilocybin-infused coffee, the customers will gain benefits in terms of wellness.

He maintains in the press release: “Just as cannabis has been misunderstood and controversial for decades. Psilocybin from mushrooms has been equally polarizing, yet proponents of both suggest they each can contribute meaningfully to the human experience. As the research is showing, with measured consumption, cannabis and psilocybin can both promote physiological, mental, and spiritual health.”

He adds:

Some of these botanicals [hemp, CBD, and now psilocybin] belong in these daily habits. They present an opportunity for a beverage that is approachable and familiar and allows us to deliver more value to the consumer, to help them live a better day.”

A continuous research confirms the great potential of micro dosing in various fields of mental health. According to a conducted study by the Dutch Psychedelic Society the micro dosing of psilocybin is related to a better reactive problem solving. In this study, the findings showed that after a single micro dose of psilocybin, both convergent thinking (standard problem solving) and divergent thinking (complex problem solving) got better in most participants. In addition to this, the research showed that one micro dose of psilocybin can have an immediate and positive effect on how we organize and process information.