Psychologist Explain Why Moms Need to Take Vacation without Kids

Mothers are the crucial part in one family, they are the pillars for good family life and because of that they deserve a break from time to time. This break does not mean anything else but just a little bit of “me” time that will bring good to all family members.

We are all aware of the hectic daily activities that a mother needs to follow up like taking care of the household, 24/7 love and care for her husband and children, and many more. This vacation from the children should not be considered as something bad and no woman should feel guilty about it.

According to Dr. Nava Silton, an Associate Professor of Psychology at Marymount Manhattan College, a vacation without children and even husband can provide numerous benefits. She refers these vacations as “momcations”, and their follow up could be very beneficial for all family members.


Motherhood is a full-time job that can be very stressful, says Dr. Silton, mothers need to do so many things in a short period of time and each member depends on her performance. So, a little bit of time off can do wonders for the well-being of the mother. Thanks to these vacations they will become rejuvenated and refreshed and like that will offer the best for their family. In this way, the children will personally witness the “balance that ideally needs to be achieved in a family situation.”

As per the beliefs of Dayna M. Kurtz, director for The Anna Keefe Women’s Center at The Training Institute for Mental Health in New York, momcation will restore and revitalize the emotional and physical energy required for good care of children. The momcation does not mean something fancy and expensive but it can get adjusted to the specific mother’s budget and time restrictions.

Several Solid Reasons for Momcation

  1. Beneficial for the whole family

Your family can function perfectly without you for several days off. This will allow their bond to get fortified, especially with their father who is most likely more absent from home. The children will take their responsibilities by themselves and try to solve their issues on their own which will bring them their independency.

This vacation will show your partner that you trust him enough to take care of the family things and in a way you will show him what you exactly do every day for the family. Each family member will find out from its own experience what you do on a daily basis, and thus appreciate all the efforts you put in. Siblings will establish stronger bonds while you are away as they will try to help each other in certain matters.

According to Dr. Silton momcation will show the spouse and the children what the mom does and accomplishes every day. This will show how much effort is put in the balance of every day and it will show them how one should take care of their children in the future. Thanks to this break the mother will be more respected in the family establishment.

  1. Prevention of fatigue and burnout

Several studies reveal that 12.9% of mothers experience “high burnout”. According to a released study in the journal Child Abuse & Neglect: “parental burnout has a statistically similar effect to job burnout on addictions and sleep problems, a stronger effect on couples’ conflicts and partner estrangement mindset and a specific effect on child-related outcomes (neglect and violence) and escape and suicidal ideation.”

Having a momcation once and awhile could help against high burnout and prevent issues such as chronic stress, anxiety, and depression.

Family vacations are a nice way of relaxation, but the mom mode cannot get off completely, and because of that mothers need some time off in order to get refueled and successfully continue with their duties.

The daily chores of a mother in a household are enormous and because of that the possibility of a severe burnout is really high, especially if there is no break in between. Many researchers have confirmed that more than one in ten parents experience high parental burnout once a week. This affects them as parents, their positive thinking and energy levels.

  1. Remind you of true self

You can easily get lost in the parenting job and forget who you really are. This is sad as each person has its own hobby that brings great enjoyment thus making it a better person.

Having a vacation on your own will help you to reach your inner self and remind you on the things that you loved previously. This does not mean that you will forget your children just help you to remain connected to yourself, which will bring only good in your life and in the lives of your children.

  1. Getting the needed refreshment

According to a released study by the Wisconsin Medical Journal women who have vacations at least two times per year are “less likely to become tense, depressed, or tired, and are more satisfied with their marriages.” Plus, the “odds of marital satisfaction reduced as the frequency of vacations decreased.”

This break will offer the refreshment that every hard-working mother needs and restore your energy and immense love for the family. The excitement of seeing your spouse and kids will be immense, and the upcoming responsibilities will be accepted with zeal.

  1. It will make you a better person

The momcation will offer different horizons, experiences, and change the way how you perceive things that surround you. You will “grow” during this break and become more satisfied, confident, creative, stronger, relaxed and free of stress. You will have positive feelings and your overall health will get enhanced.

  1. It will allow your kids to grow

There is no doubt that your children will miss you, but during this period they will grow really fast. They will gain maturity and learn a lot like having leadership abilities and skills, and patience, which they may not have while you are home. So, when you come back, they will be grown up and for sure appreciate you more.

Do not feel guilty when taking some time off as you really need it. There is nothing wrong having the feeling of a break from your family, and once you come back, each family member will be happier, energetic, and fulfilled!