Have You Purchased These 4 Dangerous, Fake Supplements from Walmart, Walgreens, and Target?

People that often buy products in Walgreens, Walmart, Target, etc. should be very careful because they are selling fake and very dangerous herbal supplements. You should rethink buying any supplements at these American retailers.

Here is what the fake supplements contain:

They are rich with house plants, radish, beans, peas, wheat, rice, legumes, and soy. People tend to buy these products in order to improve their diet and health, but in fact they are receiving products that have been deceived by the labels of the products, and end up buying them. The ingredients are definitely allergens that can cause health problems

These are the 4 Bogus Supplements

  1. GNC’s natural supplements actually contains soybeans and peanuts which are already proven allergens
  2. Target’s St. John’s Wort, Valerian Rood, and Ginkgo Biloba contain peas, rice, beans, and carrots. The problem is that these products are not organic at all
  3. Walmart’s Ginkgo Biloba contains wheat and radish
  4. Walmart’s Ginseng supplements actually contain powdered rice and garlic

In order to choose good supplements you will need to buy food from organic food store. Don’t buy the most inexpensive alternative because you might damage your health. Always consult with a specialist in regards to the ideal dose and type.

Also you should avoid buying products that have fillers or binders, and make sure they don’t contain dyes and synthetic colors. Here is a video with more details: