Put a Piece of Onion in Your Ear Overnight and See What Happens!

Very often, natural remedies are the best way to fix your little health problems and the possibilities that this ordinary vegetable such as onion will surprise you!

Chemicals, manufactured and costly remedies, synthetic potions with unpronounceable names, are the many human creations that do not always exceed the virtues of Mother Nature. On this subject, onions are a miracle ingredient that you probably already know!

Let us take a look at these somewhat curious uses of onion but which will make small miracles for your health.

Fights the cough

The onions are a perfect ingredient to concoct an effective cough syrup, even if your breath will surely not agree with this choice!

Against fiver

It is ideal if you have children. Because taking a cold bath to bring down a fever is not practical, especially for a baby. Another effective way is to put onion slices in the stockings that cover the feet. Once in bed, add a cloth soaked in apple cider vinegar on their forehead and the fever will disappear in record time!

Excellent for colds

Onions smell strong and make you cry, but they have miraculous virtues. This vegetable is excellent to cure a persistent cold. Boil it and make a tea or simply eat it raw and watch the cold disappear in just a few hours.

Onions makes miracles to earaches

Anyone who has already had earaches will tell you that this is one of the worst ailments to control. It is difficult to access the ear and therefore difficult to ease an ear pain, but this very simple solution will help you. Just take the “heart” of an onion and place it in your ear. Onions are known to have incredible anti-inflammatory properties; they will reduce the pain and soften the wax in your ear for easier cleaning. Do this before bedtime and leave the onion in your ear overnight, you will feel really better early in the morning!