RAMEN NOODLES: Stop Eating Them Immediately! Here’s Why…

Ramen noodles are becoming increasingly popular among young people because they are very cheap and very easy to be prepared. In fact, this food is very unhealthy and not many people are aware about this fact.

According to Dr. Braden Kuo from Massachusetts General Hospital, found that ramen noodles don’t break down when they are ingested. In his experiment he used camera that is in size of a pill which helped him document the digestion process of noodles. He actually found that after two hours of consumption, the noodles are still intact. This is very worrying and shows how unhealthy they are.

Ramen noodles contain preservatives called tertiary-butyl hydroquinone or TBHQ which is actually prolonging the life of these products. TBHQ is actually a by-product of the petroleum industry and it is considered to be antioxidant, but in fact it is artificial chemical that has antioxidant features. This means that TBHQ is not natural antioxidant, and it provides prolonged shelf life of noodles. You could find these noodles in CHEEZ-Its, Chicken McNuggets, and Taco Bell. This chemical could be also find in pesticides, varnishes, and lacquers.

Hopefully know that you learned more about the unhealthy ramen noodles you will think twice before you consume them again. Here is a video with more details in regards to this product