Rapid Weight Loss: Healthy Foods to Accelerate Your Fat-Loss

Overweight causes many diseases, such as stroke and heart problems. This is why some people want to lose weight. To get rid of fat, it is essential to consume fewer calories. Physical activity is also essential to eliminate fat. But choosing the right foods to eat, allows for an effective regime. Here are some foods to eat:

Celery: rich in fiber and low in calories. It is much adopted as an appetite suppressant. It allows the reduction of cholesterol. It is an effective antibiotic for removing toxins and fluids. Celery also increases intestinal transit.

Celery broth recipe

In a saucepan, put one gallon water and add a bunch of celery, two large onions and two large potatoes and boil. Filter the juice obtained after the ingredients are soft. Keep it in the refrigerator. Half an hour before each meal, drink a cup from this soup. You can add a juice of half a lemon. This soup is consumed without moderation, at least three times a day. It helps fight against the accumulated water retention in the body. After a week of treatment, the results are already evident.

Lemon: increases fat metabolism and liver function due to its vitamin C content. It also facilitates weight loss. Lemon is a powerful antioxidant. It also effectively detoxifies the body. Drink the juice of a lemon with warm water on an empty stomach, is very good to clean the intestines and thus promote weight loss.

Oats: contain vitamin B1, iron, manganese, selenium, phosphorus and non-fat protein. They contain soluble fiber that helps to lose weight. At breakfast, mix it with milk or yoghurt.

Cucumber: is ideal for weight loss. It is rich in vitamin A, C, and K. It contains minerals such as, magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, zinc and phosphorus. It is very rich in fiber but low in fat. Eat it with salt and olive oil, if possible, in the salads. Cucumber juice has high water content. It protects the hydration of body cells. Also, it is good for cleansing the body.

Some dietary advice to lose weight in general and belly fat in particular

It is important to control the amount of food you consume and the calories it contains. Remove also certain habits such as tobacco and alcohol. The best would be to increase the caloric expenditure, strengthen the abdominal muscles and follow a suitable diet. It is therefore recommended:

 – Eat fruits, whole grains, extra virgin olive oil and vegetables. Fish and proteins like chicken and turkey without the skin are also good allies.

 – Avoid soft drinks, white bread, saturated fats, sweets and frozen ready meals.

– Eat more asparagus, they fight against water retention. Kale maintains the sugar level in the blood.

 – Cook your food by steaming or bake it in the oven. Prefer raw foods and stews.

 – Drink lots of water, at least 6 cups a day. This helps to moisturize the skin, to eliminate waste from the body, to maintain an ideal weight and ensure the proper functioning of the intestinal transit.

Practice regular physical activities

A balanced diet and physical activity really help to lose the excess weight and especially belly fat. If you want to target the area of the belly you need to do abdominal and aerobic exercises.

Abdominal exercises: ab sessions, cardio such as jumping rope or running, help tone the tummy area. However, they must be made at least for 30 minutes. This exercise also helps refine your figure. It strengthens the abdominal muscles, thus allowing an effective weight loss.

Aerobic exercises: walking or cycling, for example. It is advisable to start gently and then increase the pace. This physical activity must last at least 30 minutes.