Rare Footage of a Sea Angel Swimming Under the Ice Captured

The marine life is probably one of the ecosystems that it is still not fully explored, and every now and then, we have some new discovery bewildering us with all its beauty. Thanks to the great lovers of the ocean we learn about the new marine species, and there are plenty of them of which we are not familiar with.

The passion for the underwater world is shared by many scientists in the world like the Russian marine biologist and underwater photographer Alexander Semenov.

Semenov is an excellent diver and frequently dives the waters of the White Sea, in Russia’s Arctic, specifically the ones that are below the thick layer of ice. He is the head of the diver’s team at the Moscow State University’s White Sea Biological Station, and in each of his dives he hopes to discover something amazing and mysterious from the ocean. His dream came through last February when he encountered a rare marine species named as Clione limacine or commonly known as the sea angel. This little gelatinous creature is a sea slug thriving in tropical and polar seas. It lives in the frigid waters of the Arctic, subarctic Atlantic, and Pacific oceans, and preys on sea butterflies, named as Limacina helicina.

Alexander was diving under the ice of the White Sea when this almost transparent creature appeared to him. He immediately took a picture of it and the whole world could see his wings that glow from inside with a brightly color, just like an angel.

Incredibly beautiful Sea angels (Clione limacina) almost disappeared from the sea. Yesterday I met one under the…

Posted by Alexander Semenov on Friday, June 21, 2019

Alexander reported his experience:

“This miniature creature is an incredibly graceful swimmer; watching it is a complete pleasure. They seem to float in the air, slowly waving their wings.”

Posted by Alexander Semenov on Tuesday, January 7, 2020


Aquatilis is the new project of this Russian marine biologist with main focus on the most unique and unorthodox creatures in the ocean. Semenov is fascinated by the undersea invertebrates, especially by the ones that live in the most secluded parts of the ocean. However, this does not stop this professional underwater photographer to dive in harsh conditions and thus capture the behaviour of these species. He has been diving in such conditions for over 10 ten years, and he specialized in scientific macrophotography in natural environments. His goal is to research the underwater soft-bodied species and the ones that are attached to the seafloor in their natural environment as these species cannot be studied in a laboratory environment. His captured photographs are overwhelming making the younger population more and more interested in marine biology which in a way is his aim in life. Semenov simply adores the marine life and wants this passion to transfer it to many other people making us conscious of the importance of the marine life for us and for the planet.

In his words he explains his passion:

“I do this by sharing all my findings through social media and in real life through public lectures, movies, exhibitions, and media events.

I have the unique opportunity to observe beauty in the underwater darkness, which led me to multiple collaborations, namely with National Geographic, BBC, Nature Magazine, Science Magazine, the Smithsonian Institution, and much more, with people from the scientific community all around the world.”