The Reason Why You Can Not Seem to Lose Belly Fat Despite Your Best Efforts

We all know that stress and weight gain go hand in hand. Some people experience weight gain due to the “emotional eating” phenomenon or when stress is manifested by an incessant desire to eat. Chronic stress can not only increase your cortisol levels, but it also disrupts the natural rhythm and this causes havoc in your body.

This is what happens when weight gain is associated with stress:

  • The speed at which you store fat is increased and your belly fat is increased
  • You are hungry all the time and sugar and glucose are less easily absorbed by the cells
  • Your ability to burn fat is reduced
  • Hormones that have a role in burning fat are reduced
  • Your blood sugar level is increased
  • Your levels of fatty acids and triglycerides in the blood are increased
  • Your sleep cycle is disturbed, you have difficulty falling asleep and difficulty waking up.

So that’s why you have so much trouble to burn belly fat. You will need to treat your stress in order to effectively get rid of your belly fat.