Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Tuna!

The consumption of fish is very beneficial for our health, especially the one that is caught n the wild. It is recommended to consume fish at least once per week in order to obtain all the valuable nutrients the fish has. One of the most popular fish for consumption all around the world is tuna.

The tuna incorporates many beneficial properties in its content and its intake is widely advised by large number of physicians. This type of fish is available on the market in two forms fresh and canned and it is packed with the healthy omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. Nevertheless, there are certain facts that you need to know about the consumption of tuna.

It has been discovered that tuna can be harmful for your body due to the content of mercury. The reason for that is the high pollution as a result of which tuna has in its content high quantities of mercury, which can lead to fatal consequences. Mercury is a toxic mineral that is extremely harmful for the human body; in fact it can cause some serious damage to the central nervous system, especially if we are affected by it in the early years of life.

The sad part of this is that most of the seafood and fish contain big amounts of methyl or mercury. Due to this reason, many researchers have studied the tuna displayed on the shelves of the markets, and luckily it was proven that the amounts of mercury were very low which is not too harmful for our body. Nevertheless, it is still recommended to remove it from your eating regime or at least minimize its consumption.

The reason for this is the vast pollution of the oceans, namely 40%of the poisonous material present in the fish meat comes from industrial sources, and because of that it causes a disorder of the cognitive system of people. The tuna that is put on our dinner tables comes from various oceans which have been previously polluted, such as the Fukushima reactor. Therefore, the tuna that is caught in the Pacific Ocean is generally considered not safe for consumption as it has been related to cancer occurrence in many cases.

We are not suggesting avoiding fish at any cost as it is widely known for their beneficial properties and definitely our body has a need of it, but we are advising you to be more careful with the choice of fish. Try to avoid types of fish that are coming from unreliable origins like in the case of tuna, or if you like it that much lower its consumption so that you protect your body from the harmful mineral, mercury.