This Red Tea Kills Bacteria in the Bladder and Stops Infections Almost Instantly

Many people neglect the gallbladder believing that is has no great impact on the overall health. However, according to statistics, around a third of all women deal with bladder issues at some point in their lives. Bladder impairments can cause great pain and discomfort, therefore something needs to be done to raise the general awareness of this problem.

Food has always great impact on the function of the body organs, including the gallbladder. The plant hibiscus can be great relief for gallbladder issue. In fact, hibiscus infused water is extremely delicious and at the same time solves all your bladder concerns.

Tea made of Hibiscus

Hibiscus includes a wide range of the flowering plant like the pale pink Hibiscus hirtus, bright white Hibiscus arnottianus, bright yellow Hibiscus hispidissimus, and deep red Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. The Hibiscus sabdariffa, or the roselle flower, releases large magenta blossoms which have been used in the treatment of various illnesses. In fact, the calyces of the flowers are abundant with compounds that are very beneficial for the bladder. The calyces of the flowers are used dried.

There are so many recipes of hibiscus tea and drinks, for instance the Mexicans have a delicious drink known as aqua de Jamaica made from dried hibiscus, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon. This refreshing juice is served with ice cubes.

People from Sudan prepare their karkade; they soak hibiscus flowers in ice-cold water for days in order to get the ideal taste.

You can prepare it in the simplest way and obtain all its benefits, just steep hibiscus tea bags in hot water.

Health Benefits of Consuming Hibiscus Tea

It offers various health advantages as it is loaded with ascorbic, tartaric, and citric acid. All these acids are healthy which cleanse the body, and offer optimal function of each organ. The detox power of the tea lowers inflammation hence making you feel and as well as look better.

Furthermore, it is a great diuretic which means the more you urinate, the more toxins will be eliminated from your body thus they will not cause any damage.

Likewise, hibiscus tea or otherwise known as the red tea regulates blood pressure.

The bladder is filled with contaminants which are removed through urination, and if you visit the toilet more you will help the bladder to repair itself.

Coffee and soda can substantially damage the bladder. The content of artificial sugars and caffeine irritate the lining thus causing severe pain and bleeding. Therefore, substitute your coffee with hibiscus tea in order to strengthen your bladder.

Additional Tips

If you follow these tips, they will help you to protect your bladder, and enhance your overall health.

First of all, avoid sugar

Sugar is included to every product on the market even to those ones which are not considered sweet. The bladder cannot stand sugar because it causes bladder infections or otherwise known as UTIs. Do not forget that bacteria feed on sugar. Therefore, consume more fruits than those sweets loaded with artificial sugars.

Second, avoid hot spices

Spicy hot foods significantly harm the bladder especially that burning sensation. Try to avoid the use of strong spices or just limit their intake.

Third, avoid dairy

If your body is sensitive to lactose, then you need to avoid dairy products. If you are not sure about this, you can write down the foods you eat to find out whether dairy products harm your body.

Note you need to consult a medical expert if you have any bladder issues so that an appropriate treatment is given to you. Change your lifestyle by implementing healthy changes to your dietary habits, and naturally drink more hibiscus tea.

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