Remove All Toxins From the Body In 3 Days: A Method That Prevents Cancer, Removes Fat and Excess Water

We all want to consume processed foods as in some way they are addictive, and after their regular consumption it is very difficult to break the pattern and initiate healthy foods. However, if you decide to detoxify your body and start consumption of healthy foods and calm the cravings for processed foods, you can try this 1 to 3 day gentle cleanse.

  • Two days before you initiate the cleanse you need to remove all dairy products since they can interfere in the detoxification process because they are slowly digested by the body. The body needs to eliminate any toxins from excess consumption of dairy products prior to the cleansing of your lungs.
  • You need to drink 1 cup of herbal laxative, for instance Black Forest tea before you going to sleep the evening before Day 1 on your three day cleanse. This will assist the body to remove any toxins from the intestines that may constipate you. Your lungs need to be free of blockages existing within the body during the detoxification process.
  • Before having your breakfast squeeze two whole lemons into a cup filled half of it with water. In this way you will prepare your body to digest powerful alkalizing foods that will assist your lungs to regenerate by themselves.
  • When you are having your breakfast drink 1.5 cups of purge grapefruit juice. If by any chance you do not like the taste of grapefruit juice, then dilute it with a bottle of spring water or use pineapple juice as an alternative. Both of these juices have natural antioxidants in their content that support healthy respiratory system.
  • You need to consume 1 to 1.5 cups of pure carrot juice between breakfast and lunch. Carrot juice is very helpful in alkalizing your blood during the three day detox since it is rich in beta-carotene which the body alters into Vitamin A. Therefore, carrot juice substantially helps in a clean and healthy respiratory system.
  • You should drink 1 to 1.5 cups of potassium juice with lunch. Potassium is a potent agent which will function as a cleansing tonic when ingested in liquid form. Potassium juice is consisted of the following ingredients spinach, parsley, carrots, celery, and sea greens. However, if you do not possess a juicer, just mix 3 tbsp of Noni juice with 1 glass of spring water. Noni juice is available in almost every health-food stores. It is crucial to purchase pure Noni juice since there are several existing brands of Noni juice on the market. The Tree of Life offers pure Noni juice.
  • One hour before having your dinner drink 1 cup of mucus-cleansing tea. This type of cleansing tea is high in ginger, rose hips, and peppermint. All these herbs can relive mucus accumulation, stuffy noses, and congestion. Mucus-cleansing tea can be purchased in most supermarkets and health-food stores.
  • At last, before going to bed drink 1 ½ cup of pure cranberry juice. Cranberry juice aids in the elimination of bacteria present in the lungs which may cause infections. Furthermore, cranberries are potent antioxidants and support healthy blood and urine.