Rescued Circus Elephants Reunite After 22 Years – The Unforgettable Moment Is Melting Hearts

Every animal that resides on the planet is precious and has its function in the chain of life. However, due to our amusement millions of animals live in captivity like the ones in travelling circuses forced to perform unnatural tricks. The common animal that we can find in this entertainment business is the elephant.

This animal is huge, but as well as cute and smart having the biggest brain in the animal world that walk on land. But, aside their greatness they can be very emotional animals with a soft and warm nature. In order to be assured of that all you need to do is to carefully look into their eyes and see how caring and emotional they can be.

Elephants that are used in circuses have been previously captured and then trained brutally so that they can perform the tricks. Usually they are taken as babies so that there is “an affective training”. In this article we shall present you a story about two elephants that for sure will make you cry.

The Sad Story of Shirley and Jenny

These female elephants were captured by circus staff when they were babies. Both of them had to go under the same training programme that involved violent methods like whipping. However, they supported each other, and became best friends, which is also possible in the animal world as well. They were very young and living in unbearable conditions in the circus, but at the end of the day they had each other.

One night Jenny was stolen by some other people and put in the back of a van ridden far from the circus. But, these were the good people; the robbers were actually volunteers from an elephant sanctuary where Jenny was given a second chance. She really had a pleasant life there contrary to Shirley that was left alone in the circus in the hands of cruel people. Jenny found new friends, but she never forgot her first true friend Shirley.

Shirley was the only animal in the circus which in a way was a good thing as the other animals have been spared from the cruelty of the circus staff. In time, the circus did not want to keep the elephant anymore; luckily they did not kill her but gave her to the sanctuary. This could have been the best moment of Shirley’s life as something incredible happened. She ended up in the same sanctuary with Jenny, whom she hadn’t seen for two decades, or for that matter, any other elephant.

When Shirley was brought to the sanctuary the keepers brought to her cell a friendly elephant, Tara, in order to adjust to the new surroundings. Shirley was not at least aggressive, she just extended her trunk to Tara and greeted Tara to which she responded positively. After their saying “hi” to each other another introduction took place.

Jenny was the second elephant to greet Shirley, and when she saw her old friend she was ecstatic with joy that she released her loudest shriek. These childhood friends embraced each other and the hug was so strong that they even bent the bars of Shirley’s cell. Once the volunteers saw this touching greeting they immediately opened the door so that they could properly hug. They have never forgotten their true friendship and thus spent two hours together.

You must have heard the saying, “having a memory of an elephant”, well it is all true, elephants never forget.

We should all contribute in some way to prevent the existence of poachers that put animals in captivity as there are still animals that live their sad lives like Shirley did. Some animals are even killed during the process of abduction from their natural habitat.