Research Reveals Popular Food That Reverses Age-Related Memory Loss

As people get older it is for sure that the memory starts to fade. In the first stages of aging the memory starts slowly to fade so you might forget where you have parked the car, or you might forget any important date on the calendar. You might have noticed, but as you get older year by year your memory declines. In fact, you don’t need to worry too much about this because we have a solution that will help you reverse the age-related memory decline.

Different studies that have been published by the Nature Neuroscience, found that cocoa contains flavonols that help you reverse the memory decline. They claim that these flavonols can actually reverse the memory decline by 20-30 years!

Here are more details in regards to the study

The Columbian University Medical Center conducted a study in which they tested whether the consumption of flavonols could improve the brain function. The scientists have tested which part of the brain is affected by this compound, and came to conclusion that it is the dentate gyrus. The dentate gyrus is part of the hippocampus which is responsible for the formation of memories and stacking them in the brain. This study helped them to actually find direct connection between the specific area of the brain and the age-related memory loss.

This study actually included 37 healthy participants that are aged between 50-69 years old. The participants were given to consume high flavonol diet (900mg per day) or low flavonol diet which was consistent of 10mg per day. Those participants that consumed larger amount of flavonols were actually given to drink cocoa produced by Marc Inc.

The researchers got their data through studying the brains of the participants by doing brain imaging. Each participant was given particular memory test, and the results showed that the group that consumed high flavonol diet have improved function in the dentate gyrus. Also they have performed better memory tests.

Dr. Scott Small was the co-author of this study and explained that after three months of consuming special cocoa concoction improves the memory of 60 years old to that of 30 years old. Flavonols that are contained in cocoa could also be find in different fruits, vegetables, and tea leaves.

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