Research Shows That People with This Type of Blood Might Be Extra Terrestrial

The blood is the strain of life running throughout our body reflecting our health and well-being. As you may already know there are four blood groups: A, B, AB and O. These blood groups differ in the presence of a protein known as Rhesus in each group. This protein is a genetic feature which can be either positive or negative. Your blood is Rhesus positive if the red blood cells carry, on their surface, the rhesus molecule. On the other hand, the blood of the Rhesus negative type does not contain proteins.

This protein deficiency makes a person Rhesus negative and the reason for this deficiency is still debated, but there are some interesting theories and one of them suggests origins from another world. In plain words, people with Rh-negative blood group could come from a different planet and these people are 15% of the human population. In geographic terms, the percentage of people with this type of blood is mainly dominant in northern Europe.

The debates about these theories go a long way, and it will consume us plenty of time to elaborate each one of them, one thing is sure that people with this type of blood have unique characteristics. People with this type of blood can donate blood to all other types of blood, meaning that it is compatible to everyone’s blood. Yet, people with Rh-negative blood group are limited in receiving blood from the other types of blood because the only blood type they can receive is only their own type.

There is still no valid scientific answer for the origin of this blood type, many scientists in the fields of genetics, biology and archeology made researches on the exact origin of the Rh-negative blood group, which goes back for around 35,000 years. Interestingly enough, this blood type is mainly present in Europe, meaning that approximately 40-45% of Europeans have a negative Rh group, only 3% go to the African-Americans and 1% to the Asian people.

Characteristics of Rh Negative People

Most people with this blood type have these common physical characteristics: red or auburn hair, green, blue, or hazel eyes, generally lower than average body temperature, higher than average sensitivity to high temperatures, and likewise they are more physical and emotionally conscious.

Women with negative Rh blood type have problems with giving birth to an Rh positive child, as their body naturally tries to kill the child. This condition just fuels up the theories of an alien origin of these people.

Why the body of an Rh negative mother attacks its own baby?

The conceived baby is a stranger to her body and because of that the body tries to kill it, but nowadays with a certain medical intervention such birth can take place and the Rh negative woman can deliver healthy baby. It is really an unnatural situation as the human body is built to reproduce itself thereby creating all the necessary conditions for the proper development and birth of a child. However, in this case we have an exception of the rule where the body is trying to end a life for which it was built for.

This situation results in developing more theories on the presence of aliens on our planet among which is the theory that they have visited our planet for centuries. There are many people who claim that they have been kidnapped and interacted with other extraterrestrial beings, and most of them have a negative blood Rh. On the other hand, some people consider the fact that this type of blood comes from the Sumerians or Annunakis.

We cannot sate what is the underlining truth here as science has still not provided us with solid reason for the occurrence of negative Rh blood type which leaves a blank space for speculations like the extraterrestrial plot theories which are very much present in online discussion and blogs all around the world.