Revolutionary Cannabis Patch Successfully Treats Fibromyalgia and Diabetic Nerve Pain

You must have heard up to now the healing properties of cannabis which are starting to multiply as one company made a revolutionary discovery in a form of patch thus successfully alleviating fibromyalgia symptoms and diabetic nerve pain.

This invention only fortifies the good benefits of cannabis which has not been the case recently. These cannabis patches are actually transdermal patches that release good compounds in the skin, which enter into the body and travel all around it through the bloodstream. They have the ability to soothe neurological nerve pain triggered by diabetes and fibromyalgia. According to numerous experts from the company, they do not cause any harm to the body or provoke adverse effects.

Cannabis experts of Cannabis Science claim that these patches can heal each afflicted part in the body, and the transdermal method is much better than the oral, topical, intramuscular or intravenous ones. Thanks to the use of the patches the needed amount of the healing content is delivered into the patient.

It is applied by the use of a penetrable membrane that provides full absorption or it can be applied by the use of thin layers that directly melt on the skin. These layers are loaded with powerful cannabinoid extract that gets to the central nervous system thus relieving pain.

Cannabis is consisted of CBD and THC cannabinoid. CBD has enormous anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving potential. This cannabinoid has almost none of the side effects, except for the hallucinogenic effect.

The CEO of Cannabis Science Mr. Raymond C. Dabney, states that this product is only small piece of the whole capacity of Cannabis Science.

Mr. Raymond C. Dabney, states, quoting:

“The development of these two new pharmaceutical medicinal applications is just the tip of the iceberg for what we see as the future for Cannabis Science.

While we strive to increase our land capacity for growth and facilities to produce our own product to supply our scientists with proprietary materials to make these formulations, we are also busy researching more potential needs for Cannabis related medical applications and developing the methods for delivery of these medications,”

Further on, he explains that over 10% of the American population is affected by fibromyalgia, and the sad part is that many are not even aware of the fact that they have it in them. On the other hand, neuropathic nerve pain is a common health condition, and these patches are very efficient in the treatment of these two diseases. Moreover, these patches might even cure these health issues.

 He concludes:

“As more states nationwide legislate for the legalization of cannabis and cannabis-derived medications, we here at Cannabis Science are focused on developing pharmaceutical formulations and applications to supply the huge growing demand expected over the coming few years.” 


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