The Root Cause of Cancer Has Been Hidden Since 1930

It was discovered that cancer cells may have DNA damage; however DNA damage cannot lead to cancer. Actually the real cause of cancer causes DNA damage.

Cancer is the most researched disease and in the last 125 years, quite a number of experts have found out numerous facts regarding cancer.

In 1890, – William Russell (1852-1940) discovered that there are microbes inside and outside of cancer cells, later considered to be “pleomorphic,” which means that the pH state inside the cancer cells influences their size and shape.

In 1931, – Otto Warburg, winner of the Nobel prize in Medicine for the finding of the main property of cancer cells and that is low “ATP energy” (ATP is also known as “adenosine triphosphate”, and it is made inside the mitochondria of cells.)

In 1930, – Dr. Royal Rife, a renowned microbiologist developed the use of “harmonic frequencies” to vibrate the microbes until they “exploded” and died, in this way he showed that cancer cells can revert to normal cells if the microbes inside them were killed.

Even though, he offered this amazing discovery he was not awarded for it. As a matter of fact, his laboratory was destroyed by the joint forces of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Medical Association (AMA). They had very good reason for this as his discovery managed to cure 100% of all his patients. This for the pharmaceutical industry and the modern medicine would mean less profit since this disease offers them high percentage in their annual income. Therefore, they would do anything to protect their “golden goose”. Moreover FDA acts as their private police and does everything which is in their interest.

It is really controversial conspiracy and unfortunately very much supported by the media, which glorifies medical doctors and the modern medicine. They really do their job good as the first thing a patient does when he/she finds out the diagnosis, runs quickly to the oncologist, and a small percentage of these patients consider the possibility of the natural treatments.

The non-profit foundation, the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF) – which is specialized in natural medicine have revealed a way how microbes inside of cancer cells partially inhibit the ATP energy. Thanks to this discovery the team of researchers managed to develop over 25 natural cancer treatments.

They were inspired by the Dr. Rife’s equipment, and used a new technological device, named as the “High RF Frequency Device”, which kills the microbes inside the cancer cells.

In order to understand these treatments, you need to understand the way how microbes inside the cancer cells partially impede the production of ATP energy.

How ATP energy is created in a healthy cell?

  • 1stStep: In a normal cell, glucose receptors let glucose inside the cell.
  • 2nd Step: Glucose is converted into pyruvate in a 10-step chemical chain reaction.
  • 3rd Step: The pyruvate goes into the mitochondria of the cell.
  • 4th Step: It is the beginning of a chain reaction called the “Citric Acid Cycle” or “Krebs Cycle.”
  • 5th Step: Then, a second chemical chain reaction, called “Electron Transport Chain” starts, about half-way through the Citric Acid Cycle. These two form most of the ATP energy in the cells.

Cancer cells are consisted of more glucose receptors than normal cells and contain 15 times more glucose, although the microbes intercept most of it. Even though a cancer cell contains substantially more glucose than a normal cell, less of it enters its mitochondria than in a normal cell.

Hence, a cancer cell has lower ATP energy because it contains less pyruvate, due to the lowered amount of available glucose.

Further on, more investigations were performed by a team of natural medicine researchers at the Virginia Livingston that found that one or more of the microbes inside the cancer cell penetrate the cell nucleus.

If the DNA of the cancer microbes “combines” with the DNA of the cell and modifies the DNA of the cancer cell, it eventually leads to DNA damage, which is the grounds of the “gene therapy” in conventional medicine. Yet, have in mind that DNA damage is only a symptom, not a cause.

Some cancer researchers and plenty of research organizations are conveying the message that they harshly strive to find a cancer cure, but in fact they are hoping that such thing never happens.

The established Dr. Rife managed to prevent the microbes from inhibiting the ATP energy by killing the microbes within the cancer cells, and they could use their ATP energy and convert into normal cells again.

In addition to this, the ICRF researcher who found the way how microbes (which in fact are Helicobacter Pylori) block the ATP energy, likewise developed 25 various ways to kill these microbes while inside the cancer cells and thereby turning them into normal ones.

The Dirt Cheap Protocol

The Dirt Cheap Protocol involves a remarkable combination of honey and turmeric, which can effectively destroy the bacteria in cancer cells.

Honey has the ability to draw cancer cells since they have more glucose receptors than normal cells, and it can effectively kill the microbes. Yet, the potent combo of honey and turmeric is even more effective. Honey is actually the “Trojan Horse” so that turmeric easily enters inside the cancer cells.

Turmeric is considered to be the most powerful herb in the elimination of Helicobacter Pylori which was confirmed in three different studies. The Dirt Cheap Protocol is consisted of plenty synergistic methods with honey and turmeric that aim and kill the microbes within the cancer cells.

For more detailed information check the Dirt Cheap Protocol on the Cancer Tutor website (

Furthermore, there is another technology called the Royal Rife technology which likewise reverts cancer cells into normal cells. The “High RF Frequency Protocol”, is likewise shown on the website which is automated and performs everything the original Rife frequency generators did.

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